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It is a pleasure to present the “Naturally 7 Christmas Special” (Livestream on air 19th December) which is a message from Naturally 7 to all fans to enjoy and celebrate Christmas with the family in this difficult year. More:

The “Naturally 7 Virtual Concert: 2020 Year In Review”, also a livestream, airing 30th December, gives an insight into what the group did in 2020 (their 20th anniversary) when everything was different to what the group expected and planned. You will get insights into private moments, see videos you have not seen before and hear new music you will love….Enjoy! More:



Certain experiences burn themselves in your memory from the very first encounter. The jaw-dropping audio pyrotechnics that Naturally 7 put on display every night absolutely belong in that category. “A capella group” so vastly underplays what they create onstage that they had to coin a phrase – “Vocal Play” – to more accurately depict what they do. Naturally 7 is more than a tightly orchestrated collection of great singers. They transform their voices into actual human instruments, effortlessly producing music of any genre. Their vocal choreography is so perfectly interwoven that they compelled the musical maestro himself, Quincy Jones, to declare that “Naturally 7 is the future of vocal music!!” Their sonic mastery was on full display in a series of unforgettable performances on “The World’s Best” TV show, which premiered on CBS immediately following Super Bowl LIII. Hosted by comedian and “Car Karaoke” collaborator, James Corden, Naturally 7 reigned supreme as the world’s “Best Group”, and cemented their singular status among the planet’s musical elite.

This was only icing on the cake of a still-vibrant 20-year career, which includes 3 world tours – nearly 500 shows – with the incomparable Michael Bublé, shared billing with global phenomenon Coldplay – including a sold out show at the Barclays Center – and owned the spotlight in a pair of national Cheerios commercials. In addition to Bublé, Naturally 7 has shared the stage with numerous icons, including Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Quincy Jones, Sarah Connor, Lionel Richie, Ludacris, The Roots, and more. Counted among their world-famous fans are President Barack Obama, Will.I.Am., Ellen DeGeneres, Craig Ferguson, Bill and Melinda Gates, Jay Leno, Allan Titchmarsh, Mo’Nique, Jools Holland, and Arsenio Hall, along with countless others.

With the release of their latest project, 20/20, Naturally 7 comes full circle, adding a fresh spin on 20 fan favorites, hand selected by fans the world over. This, their eleventh studio album, celebrates their 20th anniversary in the music industry, giving music lovers all they could hope for, and then some. For the members of Naturally 7 – “Ricky“ Lee Ricardo Cort, Rod Eldridge, Kelvin  “Kelz“ Mitchell, Sean Simmonds, Dwight Stewart, Roger Thomas, and Warren Thomas – it’s a privilege to do what they love and bring so much joy to the hearts of their fans each and every night.  It’s exactly what you would expect. When something is pure magic it’s destined to withstand the test of time. Naturally…

Naturally 7.


  • N7 2020
  • N7 Hidden in plain sight
  • N7 Live
  • N7-Wall-of-Sound
  • N7 Christmas a Love Story
  • N7-Vocal-Play
  • Naturally7 Wall of Sound
    Naturally7 Wall of Sound
  • N7 live at montreux
  • Ready II Fly
    Ready II Fly
  • Naturally 7 Christmas Its A Love Story Cover
    Naturally 7 Christmas Its A Love Story Cover
  • Live In Berlin DVD - out of print
  • What Is It?
    What Is It?
  • Non-Fiction


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