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15 thoughts on “Watch Naturally 7 performing live @ Stefan Raab’s TV total

  1. Saw you all at the Micheal Buble concert last night in Sheffield, you were brilliant, infact I could have watched you all night long. Your last song was amazing. xx

    1. I saw you the first time yesterday at the Michael Bublé concert and you were GREAT! Thanks for this great show from Switzerland…..:)

    2. Hi !

      We saw you in Munich this week at the Michael Buble Concert.
      Once again it was big big show.
      We look forward to your concert in September in Munich.

      Greats from Germany

      Thomas & Sylvia

  2. you were fantastic last night at the micheal buble concert, never herd of you till last night so i had to google you this morning thote you were fab!! i will deffo be out buying your album :) x

  3. Omg you guys were excellent i saw yous for the first time at the Michael Buble concert in newcastle amazing isnt the word, Now yous have definitetly got the talent.

  4. Was at Newcastle last night, Brilliant! The Arena was nearly full which says it all!

  5. Was amazed by your performance at Michael Buble’s concert on Sunday 16th. Haven’t heard of you in the past but certainly a fan from now on. Well done and hope to see your concert soon xxx

  6. Saw you at the 02 saturday 15th,never heard of you before, but you were AMAZING !! have just googled you so you have another new fan.

  7. Hi you 7,

    we saw you in Concert on Tuesday in Munic and it was a great show!!!

    We baught your CD and talked to you! (Anna plays the CD the hole day)

    Now we are in Hamburg and we have baught tickets for the Concert on Tuesday!!

    We hope, we could talk to you again!

    Many greatings

    Claudia & Anna

  8. I saw you performing tonight in Hamburg Germany and was amazed at how talented you all are. I cannot wait to see you perform again in September, You have made quite a few hundered new if not 1000 fans in Hamburg tonight and I am proud to call my self one too. What you guys do is true music. Keep it and and I wish you all success and fun.

    It was great to meet you all after the show.

    Paul and Melanie

  9. I saw Naturally 7 at the Playboy Jazz Festival …….they were amazing!!! Loved it, rushing out it find their CD

  10. Gentlemen your preformance last night in Wichita was awesome. Thank you. I preffered you over the the latter preformance. May God bless you with many more shows and opportunities to shine His light. Thank you again.

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