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Warren’s Window on the World #N7WW

As you know, Naturally 7 get to visit some incredible places as we tour the world sharing our music. Our ‘drummer’, Warren Thomas, is the group’s history buff and often fills the rest of the group in on the historical significance of the countries, states and cities we are lucky enough to visit but, despite nicknaming him “Warrenpedia”, we’d still love to learn lots more about each of the places we visit and that’s when you guys come in. Share your suggestions with us using the hashtag #N7WW and we will, in turn, share “Warren’s Window on the World” with you!

How can you do this? Simple – each time we share a new post on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on naturallyseven.com telling you where we are or where we’ll be heading to soon, please share with us your hints and tips on visiting your city, the rich history of your hometowns, things you feel we “must see” (if we have time) and restaurants we should visit. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #N7WW.

We won’t be able to visit all your suggestions but we do read everything and maybe we can bookmark it for our next visit!

Here’s an intro video giving you “Warren’s Window on the World“.

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