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  1. Hi guys. I can’t wait to see you in Vancouver next week. This is actually my 11th time seeing you live (a couple of times in concerts, and a whole whack load of times at the Olympics) and I’m really looking forward to seeing and hearing Polo in particular.

    Let me know via email if you have any spare time at all (I realize that you’re extremely busy) and I’d be happy to host you for a meal or drinks!

    Thanks for the inspiration and great music.

    God Bless,

  2. Hey guys,
    You should come back to Winnipeg again. I was just starting into vocal jazz when my school vocal jazz group went to see you. After that I was hooked on vocal jazz, so I would love if you came back again!
    May the Lord bless you throughout all of your travels.

  3. I am thrilled to be seeing you April 1st in Ottawa. I have heard great things about your show.

    I have met some of the best musicians in the business – funk brothers. The commodores, and the temptations. For each of these groups I made either cookies or brisket for the band.

    If I could be so bold as to ask if I coukd bring you guys something on Friday, it would be a great honor

    Let me know what you want and perhaps then I could come with my husband after the show to see you.

    Best of luck!!!

  4. Hey, I just saw you guys for the first time last night in Calgary. You guys absolutely amazed my friend Cass and I. :) We had so much fun and are so blown away with the talent all of you guys have. Thanks so much for coming down. We’d love to have you guys back again sometime, but you guys might need to book a bigger place next time haha cuz I can promise you that we’re gonna bring a bigger and better crowd ;P

    Thanks again!

    ~Kathryn and Cass

  5. Great concert in Calgary last night!! I brought along 3 of my Gal Pals who are all fans now and looking forward to your next stop here!!

    fyi – you should have your music accessable on

  6. Excellent concert last nite, guys, at McDougall United in Edmonton. It was really a great show. You guys have some God-given talent that is an amazing gift. Thank you for uplifting the “Wall of Sound” that resonated within the acoustics of our small intimate setting. I loved listening to the show and will definitely purchase your music. My first time listening to you live certainly was a “breath” of fresh air and showed me what I want to do with my life, being a fellow musician. Your singing and incorporating the talents you guys have been given was a blessing to listen to. I wish you nothing less than amazing success in the future and continued growth in your creativity and vocalplay.

    God Bless


  7. Thank – you for Coming to Edmonton again! We want you back when ever you can make it. I can listen to you all day, You bring back “true” talent. You show what natural talent is. I have said it to you before, you make me cry with your voices, such control. I was just shaking because i was so nervous, i knew what to expect as that was not my first show, and wont be my last, but i was so over whelmed and excited~ I still cant believe that was only your voices. I love the smaller venue reas that you play its very close and personal, more connection.

    Please do come back, i will be dancing away like always!!

  8. Just saw you guys in Ottawa last night. What a great time we had. You guys are truly blessed by God and it shows. Thanks for sharing the love of God and music with us.I bought your CD and will make sure all my friends get to hear you. I would buy Michael Buble tickets just to see you again. Ill meet you there or in the Air…tonight…

  9. HI Guys, I recently heard you for the first time in Toronto. After that first experience I am now a big fan. I went out and bought your CD just to hear your voices all over again. I can not believe the sounds that come out of you guys. Its absolutely brilliant!

    I also appreciate the message of positivity that you carry with you. I think its a wonderful change to this stressed world. May you keep that optimism. Thank you for such a wonderful experience and I can’t wait until you come back to Toronto.

  10. Good day Nat 7:

    I too was at the concert given in Ottawa, April 1st with a friend who had never heard of the group before. Well, he was thrilled, amazed and awestruck by the group so he bought a CD as well. So today I’m telling strangers even at the grocery store about the group and especially the jaw dropped encore Nat 7 gave last night. Consider me one, and hopefully a growing number of people who are honored, blessed and blown away by the magnificent music made by Nat 7. Thanks for coming to our Nation’s Capital, thanks for giving so much and putting yourselves out to make last night’s concert one I will always remember (sure, brag about too). God bless.

  11. Thank you for a wonderful experience in Montreal. The room was electric! My daughter and I loved every note, sound and vibe. Love to see you come our way again!

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