This is NATURALLY 7 – 2012!!

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This is NATURALLY 7 – 2012!!

An exciting 5-minute preview of the brand-new ‘NATURALLY 7  LIVE’ -DVD; to be released in October 2012.

7 thoughts on “This is NATURALLY 7 – 2012!!

  1. Was a pleasure to see that show twice in one week when you were in Australia. Can’t wait for you to bring your amazing selves back here xx

  2. Brilliant as ever – I feel priviledged to have seen you 5 times (6th & 7th coming soon!) – just look what all those people that don’t know of you are missing, your talent is absolutely amazing and long may you continue, love you all – see you soon xxxxxxx

  3. wow i can´t wait to see and get this dvd i´m wait for so long and i need new stuff of ya!
    thx alot for the great work and we see us on tour again.
    greeting from berlin Nicky

  4. Wonderful — seeing you guys is always a joy! Thanks for putting together another DVD for us.

  5. Great News can’t wait, sheems to be a Great Video, exciting about it! You guys so a Great Job;)!!!

  6. You guys are so AWESOME!!! I’ve fallen in love with the art of VOCAL PLAY!!! It’s like magic, and your voices blend so well!! Keep it up!!!! Fantastic music!!!

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