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The Stamford Times: No Instruments? No Problem!


  • Leah

    So I’m 13 and I LOVED The Showww ! I Have Been Watching Youtube Videos On My iPod Since ! { no lie }
    My Mom Brought Me There And Didnt Tell Me What iWas Going Too As A Suprise. Of Course I Was Reluctant To Go At first( and because it said orchestra hall) But 2 seconds Into The First Song, that Feeling Was LONG GONE ! I just Want To Thank You For Being Naturally 7 andd Thank You For Singing My Moms CD And Singing My Applause Magazine Type Thingy, Especially Hops ( i was pressed to meet uu , even if I didn’t say much)

    All And All , iiJust Wanna Say Thank You For Being You <3 !

  • Kaffy

    Fabulous article :)