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The Spokesman Review: Group proves a natural fit to open for Buble


  • Chelsea

    I was at the Michael Buble concert last night, and Naturally 7 was absolutely amazing! They really are a perfect fit! I can’t wait to go see them in concert when they are the headliners so we can see more of them!

  • Curtis Bailey

    Naturally 7 was beyond a doubt the one of the best performances I have had the pleasure to see. They were energetic and fresh, it was simply amazing.

  • Marta V

    They were absolutely amazing!! I would go to a concert to see just them. They totally deserved their standing ovations.

  • Shayna

    I saw Naturally7 and Michael tonight here in El Paso. What an INCREDIBLY talented and inspiring group! You guys and Michael influence my singing style greatly. Hope to see you as headliners soon! <3 Check out my YouTube.

  • sharon

    wonderful show opening for MICHEAL BUBLE. I have never heared these guys before,THEY ARE AWESOME. of course they would have to be to open for MICHEAL. Wonderful show.