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Thanks Dublin!! 2 days, 2 shows and nearly 100K people. What an experience!

8 thoughts on “Thanks Dublin!! 2 days, 2 show…

  1. what a great performance from a hugely talented group! wish I had of heard of u’s before but u now have a fan for life!! will be buying the album as soon as!! come back soon!!!

  2. was so excited when i heard u guys were support for michael buble, iv been wanting to see you perform for ages….u were awsome! xx

  3. Seen you guys last night in Dublin you was fantastic would love to see you again

  4. Wow you guys were amazing, really enjoyed your performance, totally unique. Cant wait to buy yere album and please come back again!!!

  5. Hey guys
    Jus wana say
    Thank you for last nite
    Yous reli are superb
    Naturally 7 should be renamed
    Naturally amazing !!
    Seen u guys two years ago in donnybrook wi micheal and
    Eversince I’m a bigfan
    And nowseeing yous last time reli blew me awAy

    **I love you guys**
    come back to Dublin soon

  6. Great performance at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium last evening @ Michael Buble’s concert. Can’t wait to buy your CD. Hey, should you decide to return to Dublin, please try the Vicar Street Venue. The accoustics would be for better than at the Stadium. God Bless you Talents. Keep up the great work!

  7. Hey guys,

    What can I say you are truly amazing and talented – we loved you’s. The two shows were amazing and love your album would love to see you back in Dublin again. Loved you in Paris also. A big thank you to Roger for them tickets for the second night in the Aviva the two nights were amazing as you all were and Michael too. We were trying to get down to thank you personally but they wouldn’t let us down as they were trying to clear out the stadium. So hope you get this and again we are very grateful for thinking of us xxx

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