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Wow, we’re really proud of you. Our Australian tour is completely sold out. Thank you for that. Some of you have probably got no ticket, but do not worry we’ll be back soon.

9 thoughts on “Sold out tour in Australia

  1. You had the Playhouse – Brisbane rocking last night guys, thanks so much for a FANTASTIC night. You are all so very talented and truly blessed. I am lost for words and that’s a first !!! Simply Awesome xoxoxo

  2. Are you boys went to adelaide …
    cos i think i have see you boys at adelaide on the street
    love your music

  3. oh my goodness you guys were absolutely amazing the other night at the State Theatre in Sydney !!
    i cant wait to see you guys here again next year :)
    much love <3 and God Bless

  4. Awesome awesome music thank you very much! Have seen twice already and I am blown by your epic talents! Despite that I can feel how down to earth and humble you all are!

    Have seen you twice already Down Under and can’t wait for your May 2012 tour!

    I have all your albums too and truly enjoying all of it! All the best and God bless!!

  5. I hope next time you guys plan to have tour to South-east Asia. Can’t wait to see your performance on the spot. All the best!

  6. Will we be blessed with your presence anytime during 2012? Missed your Sydney concert and would love to see you live soon! God Bless xxx

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