Hello All,

I want to start by thanking everyone for all your birthday wishes. I’ve never had so many!  I thought last year was big, but this year was even bigger…I must be getting younger!

It’s almost two weeks after January 30th(my birthday) and I’m just finding the time to write down my thoughts because this first part of the year has been so busy.  I’m on a short flight from Atlanta to New York City…I must say a window seat gazing at the field of clouds is a perfect time and place to write :-)

Because we’ve been working on a new album and a new live CD/DVD, I didn’t really think much about my birthday except that I acknowledged that we were going to be in Hamburg, Germany that day recording/shooting.  I figured I could tell the audience it was my birthday and make a medium size deal out of it for the DVD. Well, I totally forgot all about that until I was reminded by beautiful fans after the show. (Thank you all for the small cake and song after the show…for some reason it was a total surprise :-)

I even had a few reminders before that day because of Sven and Doro from Stuttgart gave me a birthday gift three days before. (Thanks so much)

And…I had like a hundred messages via email and Facebook on my phone with warm wishes from all over the globe.

But I guess it wasn’t a phone day for me… I had stopped looking at that thing from the morning. I get pretty focused when we are about to record anything…never mind something that we can’t re-record. The fact that it was my birthday just didn’t register enough to think about it pre-show or in-show!

Did I mention that I’m not really that big on birthdays? Really, I’m not. Anyone close to me knows this. I’m not as bad as my brother, Warren (I think he would be totally fine if everyone in the world said nothing of his birthday on April 4th*). It’s kind of a family thing… we had birthday parties when we were all kids and when we became adults, it was like, “Bah Humbug!” (Well, ok…not that bad…but no big deal…know what I mean?).

But I’m now forced to admit that I’ve really enjoyed my last few birthdays. I feel like a child sometimes :-). This birthday was the most childlike!

For example:

While on the tour bus we watched several live concerts in full at night and sometimes into the early morning (compliments of Benedikt our lighting engineer), from The Police to Sade and everything in between. I mentioned to Vera and Tracey that I wish I had the latest “Take That” show (one of the biggest selling groups in the UK) and they said, “How bad do want it?” or something like that (they happen to know I’m a fan).  And the thought came over me that they may have bought this for me! And then I asked like a kid, “Can I have it now?Please, before my birthday because I want to watch it tonight.”  And your know what?  And so it was. I was the big kid on the bus trying my best to stay awake to watch the whole thing. Almost made it :-) (Thanks V&T)

Shortly after the show I was brought into the production room and the traditional singing began from the band and company. Then I caught site of a cake (compliments of Sandra, Vera and Tracey) with a cool iced out picture of me on top (check out the attached photo).

Then I was told to be seated.”What, there’s more?”

I then watched with true excitement, a video with many of my friends in the business and out of the business, wishing me well on my birthday. Very touching! Like I said, I felt childlike…it was such a surprise and so well put together (compliments of Sandra/aka Ms. Naturally 7). What a great idea. I will cherish it for a lifetime! Thank you to all of you that participated, taking time out of your schedule for my birthday.  I’m floored!

[youtube_small][/youtube_small] [youtube_small][/youtube_small]

And last but not least, presented to me in London by Vera Yu:

A hard back, glossy, beautiful book of every “Roundtrip” I’ve ever written from 2009 through 2011.  Wow!

My mother just mentioned that I have enough thoughts down for a book over the Christmas holiday and my cousin, Jason told me to make sure I keep them all on file for a book one day. Well, what can I say? It is done!

It was certainly satisfying watching my wife and mother-in-law thumbing through it and reading whatever caught their eye, which was a lot!

Thank you so much Ms. Yu!  I plan to share it with the world!

And Special thanks to The Swingle Singers, Florian Städtler, EvertoneSiwela, Kurt Walker, Don Sibblies, J. Quest Green, Kevin Deane, Darren Rust, Jarrett Johnson and Sandra Neugebauer for putting all of the video footage together!  A treasure for life.

And one more thanks to all of you that did your part to make my day special.  You were successful!

May God bless you all,

Roger, over and out

P.S.  * was a hint to kill Warren with love on his birthday, whether he wants it or not :-)

4 thoughts on “ROUNDTRIPS with N’glish: A BIRTHDAY ON THE ROAD

  1. Hey Roger!

    Thanks for sharing your birthday moments with us. I really enjoyed reading and watching this stuff!
    Told her in personal, but again: Sandra did a great job with this video! A special gift for a special person who deserves to get back what he gives us with his wonderful music and performances. Can’t wait for the upcoming DVD and to see you guys again in April. So looking forward to it! This is to all of N7: please keep on creating beautiful music, spreading love and being amazing just the way you are!

    Lots of love from Germany, Jana.

  2. I like your band
    I will be in your concert in GDAŃSK
    I like your sing in ” Max Relaxs”

  3. happy birthday, man. i know that many wishes have been sent, but that makes this late one no less heartfelt. i am so sorry i missed seeing you guys when you came by durham, nc–didn’t even know you guys dropped by… huge fan here! i will not miss again–not a threat, a PROMISE:)

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