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What’s up Everybody!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written but felt I motivated and inspired after this last trip to say a little something-something.


So how long has it been? I think about 4 years. When I wrote my last Roundtrip, Kelz & Ricky were new members and we were touring China! Well now it’s Sean who’s the new member taking Garfield’s place about 18 months ago.

Well let’s get started. First of all, Warren and I came straight to New York after a 17-day tour in Germany. Speaking of Germany, the shows were great, but it still feels strange to not see our long-time Manager and friend Helmut (who passed unexpectedly just a year ago). I miss him.

We came early to New York to spend some time with our siblings (Rachael, Jonathan & our newly wed little brother Graham) who all still live in the Big Apple. What made it even more special was having our mom and dad fly in from Atlanta and attend both shows at the Iridium in Manhattan. Our sister & brand new sister-in-law (Nichelle) also came out to Connecticut a few days later. It’s such a blessing to have our families as such big fans of N7. I never take that for granted. I love em!

The tour had us back in Rockport, Massachusetts. It was a beautiful venue which will always remind us of Garfield, who gave us his last performance there while still a band member.


From the Northeast, we all went home for a few days before heading to Los Angeles and performing in Malibu at another very nice venue. This show happened to be only a few minutes from the home of our former label president Steve McKeever (Hidden Beach). He and his wife attended the show and I stayed at their Malibu beach home that night. But the thing I will never forget for the rest of my life was the drive after the show. My mind and body just were not ready for the Tesla!!! Driving 80 mph without hands on the steering wheel along the winding roads of Malibu…….I thought I was going to die! I felt like my heart fell on my lap. I’ve never been so amazed and uncomfortable at the same time. Steve showed me about 20 things this car could do that I didn’t think were yet possible. The last thing was called the “smart summons” where the car, after parking itself, can undo and come back to you. Meaning you can come out of a supermarket into the parking lot and with your smart phone call your car to come get you! Unbelievable! I’m still shaking my head. The future is going to be crazy!

After Los Angeles, we went home for about 3 days and then came back out to Seattle for 3 more shows in the Northwest. It’s been a while since we’ve been on that side of the country so it was good to see some loyal fans and family. Edmonds, Washington was a return show.  It was a full house and they did not disappoint. Definitely the loudest house on the tour. But I would have to make the highlight Tacoma, Washington. Why?

Let me tell you a quick story;

Many, many years ago we were at a Celebrity Golf Tournament and we were selected to sing “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding to honor the songwriter Steve Cropper. So long story made short, Garfield forgot the words and we were soooooo embarrassed. This wasn’t just any concert where you get it right the next day. This was a once in a lifetime show where you’re singing for the legendary songwriter! Well as you can imagine, Garfield never lived that one down. We’ve always reminded him of that day. So let’s say that day is on our top 40 N7 charts.

What has this got to do with Tacoma, Washington? Funny you should ask…..

Before we started our performance, we were introduced by Victoria Woodards who happens to be the Mayor of Tacoma. Our good friend David Glenn made sure we were fully introduced and that she had a front row seat. We could see that she was truly enjoying the N7 experience, as was the whole audience. In fact, the crowd broke into heavenly harmony during the audience participation part of “One Love”… and then all of a sudden Ricky decided to say…..

Wait for it……

“Olympia!!!!! You sound great tonight”. I looked at him as if to say “do you know what you just said?” but he interpreted my look as “Say it again”.

So guess what? That’s what he did. He said it again….”Olympia!!!! We’ve enjoyed our time with you tonight!”

Of course this would have been all fine if we weren’t in Tacoma!

If we weren’t in front of the Mayor of the City!

How did this happen? Glad you asked.

About 10-15 minutes before this Ricky heard me mention Olympia. I was simply pointing out that I knew it was the capital of Washington because my dad made us learn all the State capitals when we were kids. And we also happened to drive past it coming from Portland, Oregon.

So that quickly, Ricky forgot we were in Tacoma and even forgot that he himself had shouted that city out just before singing “Jericho”.

Poor Ricky. He’s always joked about that dude who screams out “Cleveland!” while in Detroit. (This is a famous US commercial that shows an embarrassing moment and then asks “need to get away?”)

There was no getting away.

Well, the Mayor met us after the show, made some light jokes about it and said Ricky couldn’t come back. :-). But then gave him a big hug. She was really nice.

I’m sure the audience won’t really give it any thought. Just an honest mistake.

But as for N7…… It will live on in N7 eternity and be #1 on the N7 top 40 charts for weeks!

Sorry Rick, you know how we are!

That’s all for now folks. It’s been a wonderful September traveling from the Northeast to the Northwest with Malibu in between.

Nothing but blessings my friends.


Over & Out

Photo credit: Kat Meredith