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Hello Everybody,

I hope you are well. Thought I’d write to you from Sheffield, England as we embark on yet another exciting World Tour with Mr. Michael  Bublé.  


We just arrived yesterday and came straight from the airport to the stage for rehearsals with MB.

Well, not exactly….first we had to greet the family :-).  Friends we’ve made over the last 6 years going back to 2007. The crew, the band, management and of course Michael himself!

The first shocking thing was the set. A whole new stage. Everything brand new with plenty of surprises in store! The word “IMAX” comes to mind.

Trust me, I’ll tell you more about it after show #1 and 2 this weekend.

We start with a special practice show (for charity) tonight in Sheffield. At the time of writing, we’re due to hit the stage at 7:30pm followed by Michael at 8:20pm.

We then head to The O2 in London for the first show there on Sunday. The first show of 10 there! Practically moving in for 2 weeks :-)

So stay tuned for some details and photos next week.

Plenty to talk about ….

I look forward to seeing many of you that have already told me you’ll be stopping by when we get to your city!

Time to get some much needed sleep …

Blessings to everyone

Roger, over and out!

5 thoughts on “ROUNDTRIPS with N’glish // Ticket # 20130628

  1. You guys blew me away tonight in Sheffield! First time I’ve heard you and you’re my new crush! Would love to see/hear more from you. Much love from Yorkshire, UK!!

  2. Came to the show in Sheffield last night and you guys are freaking awesome!!!!!

    Big fan of music and can’t ever believe I’ve never seen ir heard you guys before. Raw raw talent you guys got a gift man…my only disappointment was you guys went off so early could have listened to you for hours

    Keep it smooth and real guys. Your new fan’s Mr and Mrs vdawg

  3. Hey there!

    I was lucky enough to get tickets for the charity show last night… thought you guys were fantastic! I really loved the whole show and the fact that it raised so much money for the hospital where my daughter had a life saving bone marrow transplant, makes the memory very special!

    Hope I get to see you again sometime!
    Abbie xxx

  4. Saw you on Saturday night at the O2 and you were amazing, I hope we get to hear you again sometime soon as you weren’t on long enough. Thanks for a great musical experience.

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