ROUNDTRIPS with N’glish // Ticket #20130614

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ROUNDTRIPS with N’glish // Ticket #20130614

Hello Everybody,

It’s been a long time I know, but here I am :-)

I’m literally making another round trip the last six days. Where we come from, that’s called a short run for sure.  I’m writing to you from Spokane, Idaho where we’re doing a corporate engagement. Tomorrow we head to Los Angeles for the Hollywood Bowl (for a 3rd time in four years…that’s probably a record on their books) and then to Boston for another corporate private event.  That will bring us back home for two days before heading out again.

I’m feeling pretty good having spent a week at home with my family after a very successful tour in Germany and Switzerland … successful because of the amount in attendance and because of what we were able to accomplish on the stage.  We performed lots of new songs (“Summer Breeze”, “Englishman in New York”, “Fix You”, “Fingertips Part 3”, “Moments” and “Run Away”) plus we had great lighting and video … even interacting with the video.  Many of our fans told us it was our best show yet!  And that’s saying something :-)

I took time to talk to three of our oldest fans from Germany (Sandra, Sylvana and Silvie) who have been supporting us since 2003/2004 — that’s 10 years, and they all said it was the best they’d seen. That meant a lot to me because sometimes your oldest fans are the hardest to please and for good reason … they’ve seen you grow. Growth can be a good or bad thing so it feels very rewarding to know that it’s a good thing!

Wow, so much has changed for us since 2003 and yet, so much is still the same :-)

Back then the opening song was “Sit Back Relax Your Mind” and the encore song was “Gone with the Wind”!


We are looking forward to launching our new YouTube channel next week with some exciting new videos!  Footage from the latest DVD, Night of the Proms, a special rendition of “Jericho” with our special guest Remy van Kesteren, videos from the latest tour and much more!   Stay tuned for “Naturally7 TV”! :-)

I’ve just arrived at my destination …

Let’s stay in touch …

Talk soon.

God Bless,

Roger, over and out

PS. In the middle of our Germany/Swiss tour we took an excursion to Arkansas (USA) and Mexico. Here are some photos for the month!