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It’s been a long time…

How’s everyone out there? We’re back out on the road after some time off. A little three week run from Japan to Scandinavia to the UK to Germany… this is just a precursor to the two month tour coming up through November and December. It’s gonna be a new experience for N7 performing a few songs with a full 60 piece orchestra! Night of the Proms is held yearly in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Poland. Look it up… check it out… we plan on having a blast until the day before Christmas Eve!
We did some much needed rehearsing for it all this week… as we are doing several new songs for the occasion. And even some of the songs we know well like “Feel it” and “Gently Weeps” will be done slightly differently to add the orchestra. I’m not sure what it’s going to sound like, but I’m guessing from good to better than that :-). It’s always exciting to try something new and we had a good time working out the arrangements and some of the sound treatment today and yesterday. There’s always so much to think about when putting a new song together… we have a special one that is eight minutes long! Make sure if you’re anywhere close to the cities we’ll be touring that you come through!

Right now we’re in Berlin and we have one more show to do today. It’s the GQ Awards, which should be fun. We’re just coming from London where we received a beautiful and heart-warming gift of sketches… thanks, Lindsey… just want to thank you again. Now that I’m thinking about London… that was a really nice concert at the Royal Festival Hall! All of this rehearsing made me forget about all these great shows on this tour in Denmark, Finland and Estonia. And a great studio session in Sweden in The Real Group’s studio! That was really a treat!
Also, I’d like to thank Yumi and her mother for the handmade scarfs they gave us in Tokyo. It’s such a blessing to have so many people around us that appreciate what we do. Yeah! It’s been a cool tour.
But still… I have to admit, I’m ready to jump on a plane home. This is my first long trip since Kennedy was born…she turned three months yesterday. She’s going to look very different to me when I get home and that always astonishes me. Sometimes when you’re home you can’t see it as much as when you’re away for a week or more. It also usually gives me a better idea of who she looks like. Can’t wait!

Ok, we’ll talk sooner than the last time… for sure…I promise (did I say that?)

Roger, over and out!

3 thoughts on “ROUNDTRIPS with N’glish // Ticket #20121025

  1. Always great to get a new N7 newsletter . It was wonderful to see you all again
    last month at the Royal Festival London UK .

    Loving the live sounds on the new album. Have a blast with the Jacksons !!!!!

    How fab is that ? Wish I could make it to Europe to see you perform in Night of the Proms.
    Safe travelling.

    Sue xx

  2. Hi Roger great Roundtrip blog thoroughly enjoyed reading it, I have missed these :) I also thankyou for mentioning me in this too I am still over the moon about my first mention on you’re facebook page and now here too it was a total pleasure in getting you a gift as you hold a special place in my heart. I am so glad I discovered you and have you in my life now ,look forward to the next time we meet take care all of you and see you all real soon, God Bless you , Until next time xxxx

  3. Yesterday great performance on Night of the Proms from you guys. I didn’t know what to expect since I didn’t really know N7 but it was amazing with the orchestra and even more so without the orchestra. Great voices. Thanks for a beautiful evening and come back to Belgium soon.

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