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Roger... reading

(Featuring the note I read in Dallas)

Ok everyone, here is my account of last night’s show in Dallas. We opened with “Feel it” as is our custom on the “Crazy Love” tour. I glanced out at the crowd during the bridge and noticed the house pretty energetic… Here comes Warren’s Phil Collin’s drum roll special-the crowd roars and the show has officially begun by my standards. Song #2 is “If you love me”… I can feel the audience wondering several things… but all good… the plan is coming together. Garfield does a great job. And after the drum, bass and DJ solo we proceed into “Wall of Sound” with an audience a whole lot wiser than they just were. I glance out again to every side of the Arena and now the house is almost full. As the song comes to a close, the lights go out and I think to myself “only one more song before I have to read this letter from MB”. The next song is “While my guitar gently weeps” and Warren jumps in and starts while the light are off. The lights slowly rise so that we are silhouettes… Hold on, Jamal is calling me to get my attention, but it’s time for me to sing. Plus it can’t be Michael on the side already, we agreed he would come by after “Gently weeps”. Oh my goodness, who is this coming from the front of the stage? It is MB, with a sick smile, handing me a white envelope. The audience in the first few rows recognize him and applaud. This creates a domino effect through the crowd as everyone wants to be in on the action. Mike disappears as fast as he appeared and we continue with the song. I was smiling and didn’t get my special “gently weeps” composure together until about 1 minute into the song. “Stop smiling Roger”… I said to myself and then slid into full Rock out mode! Toward the end of the song I started to tackle in my head how I planned on approaching the letter which was now sitting in my back pocket. I figured I’d set up the last song “Ready or not” and then talk about the letter, but Jamal Jumped in and said “who was that?” Or something… And I then had to explain right there and then. So I did… I told everyone the fact that we play ping pong everyday and me and Mike had this bet that who ever lost the most would have to read (on stage at the last show) the winners words. So here it is… the exact words I had to read:

Is it Michael Buble’s really, really good looking-ness?
Or is it his incredibly high sense of intelligence that makes him one of the greatest athletes that has ever lived?

You beat me 13 games to 1.

You are my idol – my Tony Romo – my Dirk Nowitzski.

Perhaps it’s your humility that makes you better than everyone else.

Michael Steven Bublé

You complete me.

The crowd love it! Michael stayed on the side through the reading and I thought it was pretty funny too. I won’t lie, I would prefer it to be the other way round.

Guess what, as I’m writing this I’m told that you can all see it on youtube.

Cool. Enjoy.

And the words for the day… “be careful what you say”

God bless,

Roger, over and out


6 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish *Special Edition*

  1. You guys are amazing!!!! Thank you for a great time in Dallas…hope to see you again soon!

  2. You all were wonderful and I did not know you were performing and I came for Michael Buble’ and you were an added bonus and I have told so many people that I work with about how great you all were and even sent them your website to view. I enjoyed ever minute of the entire performance.

    I especially enjoyed your ready the letter that Michael handed you.

    Keep up the amazing God given talent that you all have and I hope to see you all perform again.

  3. I have been to 4 shows so far this tour and y’all have blown me away every time! I’ll be attending 3 more shows this tour (2 in Vancouver and 1 in Vegas) and I can’t wait to see you again. I’m waiting very impatiently for your new album to come out…..See ya in about a month guys!

  4. Thank you for a wonderful show in Dallas. You seem like a mature bunch of performers are focused on the things that make life all it can be.

    Thank you so much! Anytime you’re back in Dallas, I’m THERE!

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