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Rod Video - Wild vor Wut

Hello All,

Yes we have come to the end of yet another tour of Germany and Switzerland. Just one more show today to end a long week on the road. We are up early this Sunday morning shooting a video for the German animated movie “Animals United”. We are all being shot one by one on a “green screen” which will be later superimposed in to the animation. The movie is a cross between “Ice Age” and “The Lion King” and is about animals taking over the world because the human race has done such a bad job. The soundtrack song is called “Wild vor Wut” a duet with German Superstar Xavier Naidoo which we recorded late last year. The movie was originally slated for around March of this year, but now I believe it’s going to be around Christmas 2010. The version we are doing is from Xavier’s album and is not acappella. We have a version on our German/Swiss “Vocal Play” album that is all vocal. We also have four other songs on the soundtrack that are heard during the movie. “King of the road” (Roger Miller), “Move on up” (Curtis Mayfield), “Splish Splash” (Bobby Darin), and “The Hokey Pokey”. Look out for it later this year.

Last night we headlined at Gospel Kirchentag in Germany for about 5000 people. The Oslo Gospel Choir opened the night with heartfelt praise and worship. It’s a huge conference that takes place every two years. I must say that those in attendance came to have a good time and so did we! I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure if they were going to let us stop singing “Feel it”… we went for about 20 min on that with full energy. The truth is the crowd one! We had to stop. The highlight for me was inviting my cousins David and Tyndale Thomas on the stage in the reprise of “Ready or not” (the final song). They killed it! It was a nice night and very spirit filled.

So one more show tonight in Baden, Switzerland after 5 straight days of working. I’m looking forward to some rest as I’ve had Insomnia for the week. I don’t know why but I’ve had about 10 hours of sleep for the week.

Alright, let’s do it!

Talk to you all later…


Roger, over and out.

For further information about “Animals United / Konferenz der Tiere” (Constantin Film, Start: Oct 7, 2010), please visit or the Facebook page.

6 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 9/12/2010

  1. Hey Roger,
    I am flying only once a year, to the USA as well as back to Germany. Flying to the USA won’t give me any health problems but coming back killed me the first times, Insomnia for 5-6 days. You lost a night by flying to Europe… you had to be awake by a time your body needed sleep and as your body was used to be awake… you wanted to sleep… a friend of mine uses sleeping pills to get some sleep. As for me I am not into that, I usually don’t sleep for as long as it is daytime at Germany. I know it is hard… but it should help.

    I am wishing to you that you find some sleep soon! Get some rest, sleep well, sweet dreams and please to all of you continue to be a blessing… because you are truly a blessing.


  2. hi guys

    i really enjoied your show this evening @ nordportal in Baden, Switzerland.
    i also was a part of the audience which were swept off their feet here in 2007
    and last year @ Bierhubeli, Berne too.
    BOYZ, you’ re getting better and better!!
    what a pleasure and a blessing to hear and see you performing on stage.
    thank you very much for sharing your gift with us!

    all the best and god bless you


  3. Hello guys, kisses on the part of singers gospel28 who adore you!
    is a long time that we have not heard such beautiful voices in an a capella group!
    thank you for giving us joy, swing …
    you give us the strength and courage to continue to sing gospel.kisses
    veroniqueds france

  4. Hi Roger, Warren, and the guys:

    I cannot wait to see you all in Paris at The Bercy. Get some rest. I finally got the CD “Wall of Sound” from Barnes and Noble. I love it.

    Take care and see you in Paris.


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