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a view from a diner in San Fran 8-24-10

Hello Everyone, it’s been a long time. Too long, how are you? Have you been keeping up with the “Game of life”? I’m sitting here at a Diner in San Francisco waiting for my breakfast at 7pm. I’m feeling quite philosophical, so let me drop some thoughts:

I said “Game of life” because life is fun when the game is played right. And all games are made to be fun: such is life. But if the games gets boring or tiresome, it’s probably because you’re not playing to win! Are you thinking of your past victories or are you totally concentrated on the failure of the moment. Have you taken time to think of how much better you are at the game than you were yesterday, yester-month , yesteryear? Too many of us look for the better life when we have a better life already. The beautiful thing is you get to write your life over each day and choose who you want to be.

I believe we have 4 types of people in the world.


1. Who play to win the game.
2. Who play to lose.
3. Who watch the game.
4. Who don’t know the game is even going on.

Who are you?

1. The winner
2. The loser
3. The watcher
4. The absent

Ask anybody who claims to love a game… any game. If they really love the game, what they are saying is “they love it for the game its self… Win or lose. But they play each time to win. They don’t mind losing from time to time or even all the time, as long as there is a chance to win. Most people would agree that if it were impossible to win, they wouldn’t enjoy playing the game. That’s how life is… We get to choose to win… It’s a gift from God.

For example: I love the game of “Ping Pong”… I bet you didn’t know that. (Just kidding!). I love the skill, the workout, the trash talking, finding moves and shots I never knew I had… It’s a spiritual experience for me… (what?) That’s right “spiritual”. I sometimes return a shot that I don’t even think I see. I see my opponents return shots that I’ve already decided that they can’t return. It’s so much fun to be wrong! What a game! I don’t have to win to enjoy it. I can be quite happy and satisfied with the challenge alone. BUT… I need to know that I CAN win. Just like life, I can enjoy the ups and downs knowing that I was born to win!

So as I continue to eat my now cold breakfast on this cold day in August that should have been warmer… You can know for sure that I’m still smiling on the inside. And if you were dining with me, I’d be smiling on the outside as I tell you about my philosophy on the “Game of Life”.

The end…

Feeling so good to know that I’m blessed… I hope you do too.

Roger, over and out.

PS. 2 more shows; San Diego and Vegas and then home sweet home :-)

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San Fran hill

(Just another crazy hill in San Francisco)

7 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 8/26/2010 (The Game of Life)

  1. Hi Roger,
    quite busy right know hm? I read your words a few times now… I asked myself who am I? Winner? Loser? Watcher? Absent? I made up my decision and my choice was not easy. But you know what? I think I am a little bit of everything. Absent well… I am a woman what shall I say… we are confused from time to time, crazy from time to time and simply from another planet… speak to me at 6 am in the morning and you would not believe I am the same person like 12 hours later. The watcher… very interesting… I don’ think it is wrong to watch here and there… we learn a lot about our partners, our friends, family and the whole world. It’s just important to know when to get up and take influance on the game. The loser, yes I am that as well… everyone loses from time to time… maybe through a bad situation in life, through trouble with friends, through mistakes we make… and yes sometimes I simply want to lose because the power to win is missing and I simply want to give up… but… saying “point for you” doesn’t mean I call the other party a winner… it just means I take some rest… gain new power… maybe lose a match but the next one will be again on my side… which brings me to the point of the winner. People told me a while back, that I have been a winner as I was on the subway and a black guy was treated respectless by some other guys. They pulled him through the subway…. across my seat and I got up to prevent that guy from any harm. I was not a winner in this situation, I was a normal person because I believe everyone should have acted that way. It should be called normal. So when am I am a winner? In my eyes… a winner can only be a winner, if he lost… if he watched and if the person was just here and there a little bit out of line…
    You know what… I am totally sure that if I would talk to you at 6 am in the morning thats when I am having breakfast :) I would smile… and give you a lot to smile too… because my philosophy can be quite scary at this time.
    I loved the way you expressed your feelings so I had to responde. I hope my English was not to bad I already drove my English teacher wild years back :). I am from Germany so… I beg your pardon…

    You are blessed and a blessing to others, I believe that after reading your words, my life will be a little bit better today and even if only for the fact that I was able to let my thoughts flow right into this comment.

    I am wishing you and all the guys a lot of strength and power for the upcoming tour… you will make so many people as you did before. Take care and may God bless you!


  2. Roger,

    I appreciate your sharing and being so accessable…thank you! I am absolutly the winner. I never to loose.

    I’ll share with you some of my thoughts…briefly 8~)

    When someone figures out that they really do have a choice as to whether or not to be miserable, the whole game changes! I think some folks have just become so settled in their complaining that they’re afraid to find joy. But what kind of life is that? Living in fear of joy? I hope that as we grow and mature as a people more of us figure out the simple truth that WE HAVE A CHOICE!

    My life is not perfect. I have many unrealized dreams, but that will never keep me from reaching towards them everyday. Such a waste of precious time and love to not even try to play.

    Thank you again for sharing your heart. Aloha from Hawaii! If you gentlemen ever come here for a gig I hope you remember me. For that matter, if you need an opening band…8~) I’m awesome! LOL No really…I’m awesome!

    Chris McLennan

  3. You know, sweetheart, what you said makes a lot of sense, but… there’s times when some of us get so beaten down by life that it’s hard to see the blessings we have, never mind count them. I have a great husband, and our 20-year marriage is fab, but he’s dying of kidney failure. I have two fantastic kids, but they have learning disabilities, and life’s always going to be more difficult for them than average. Jobs are hard to come by in our city, and I’ve had a 3/4 reduction in family income in the last 18 months…and I’ve lost 4 family members recently.

    But we’re all here together, we’re all in a safe place, we have a home, clothes, food, and friends. I look at the poor folks in Pakistan, the ones victimized in Afghanistan, the youth in gangs in our own city. I hold my children, cuddle my husband, and give heartfelt thanks for the blessings I have.

    God bless you all, and safe journey for the end of the tour. Have a good trip home.

    beaucoup de baisers!

  4. Hello my friend. Just wanted to take some time out of my day of play to let you know how much I appreciate the work that you and my brothers in Christ are doing. Unfortunately, yesterday was the first time I had heard of N7. BUT!!!!!! Praise be to God he introduced me to an AWESOME talent such as you guys when I needed it most. I pray that your tour went well and pray that you will one day make your way to Tulsa, Oklahoma if not to perform, it is still a great place to visit. Please consider that :) Anyway, please take care and thank you for sharing.

    In His Care and By His Grace,
    Rosita B.

  5. Thanks so much Roger. Totally agree with you ! Each day you live, it’s one day to win. Sorry for my bad english. You are so right ! Roger, i would like to meet you another time before the show in Antwerp next october 12. I would like to introduce my daughter Léa (8). Do you remenber in Quievrechain (France june 2009. She was wearing a tee shirt with N7

  6. First time i saw you on “paris subway” video. It seemed that you are really blessed, like me. ) Thank you for your words. Your mind is bright and sharp, as good as your Songs. Wish you all the best. Let God help you all the time!

    from Russia with love,

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