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Michael Bublé & Naturally 7

Hello one and all,

Yes, the “Crazy Love” tour is over. I would say that we are closing another chapter, but it’s more like a book. Inside the book were several chapters which we usually refer to as “legs” of the tour. This was an exciting book with the last chapter in Canada, the US and Mexico — the last page being Mexico City.

The last show was filled with goodbyes back stage with everyone wondering when we’d meet again. The Bublé crew is a tight knit one and I don’t expect to see a better crew of people for the rest of my life. N7 asked MB to our dressing room to thank him for the many things he does for us plus take a still photo. Believe it or not… after 4 years on the road, we had never actually taken a picture. We’ll hopefully see him in October for some holiday fun. I tried to beat him in ping pong, but it was not to be… so far now, he’s the best.

The last show went well and was a nice place to end things. It was a nice big splash for our memories forever.

We look forward to coming back soon.

And you never know, there could be still more touring together down the road.

Well, you know how it is when you like reading books…

When you finish reading one, you go right to another. That’s what we do! So now I’m on an airplane to Washington, D.C. for the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Celebration where we are singing several times over the next few days. The actual unveiling is on Sunday.

I’ll keep you posted with tweets, “Roundtrips” and video. They are telling me to turn my phone off…

Talk to you later,

Stay blessed!

6 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 8/24/2011

  1. thanks for your constant updates. I hope you guys all get a chance to work with mb again. You are amazing and when you come to the North east US (further north than NYC that is) maybe even Vermont (hint hint) I will be there in the front with a camera and a big smile, ready to sing with you.

  2. I’ve loved reading all the blogs throughout the tour! Thanks for keeping us in the loop, we will miss them but always will be looking for the next chapter to come about. And I love that you leave anyone who reads this hanging with ” .. maybe we will see him in October for some holiday fun” knowing that all Buble fans are waiting on pins and needles for the new Christmas album to come out .. and to hear Silver Bells!! Thanks for everything! See you guys in November!

    Xx Courtney

  3. Hi thanks for all the updates and information through out this tour it has been an amazing time for all who have witnessed you and Michael on the Crazy Love tour really apreciate all of it,I am so looking forward to the Christmas album and hearing Silver Bells.Hope to see you in the UK real soon love ya xx

  4. It was an amazing show! You guys are so talented and amazing singers, I think MB couldn´t share his tour with a better company!…I loved to be part of the last show..thanks for coming to my Mexico, thanks for making possible one of the better nights of my life really was unbelievable…from now on Naturally 7 is also part of me ;)

  5. I was there!!!!!!!! you guys are awesome, amazing show, hope you come back

  6. Hey y’all,

    It has truly been a privelege seeing you perform with Michael, and and even bigger treat to see youin your own show in Fort Lauderdale in March! What a joy you are and I can’t wait to see you again! Please tour SoFL again soon! Love love love ya!

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