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Well here we are getting ready to do the last show of the tour in Mexico City!

Last night was filled with excitement as we played the Auditorium Nationale in Mexico City. This is an arena size hall that looks like a huge theater. The architecture is stunning. We play there again tonight to end the “Crazy Love” tour. We could tell that the sound was going to be quite nice as we started with “In the Air Tonight”. And we were all a little nervous for Polo who had been practicing his Spanish all day. As our newest member this would be his first time speaking in any language (including English) during our opening set. He spoke about 3 or 4 times and we think he did a great job from the response, but I guess we’ll really know when someone from the audience that night tells us. So please do… anyone in Mexico City! We really had a good time, although the altitude (7000 ft) knocked us out :-). I tried to pace myself, but I was too excited myself. Thanks for the love and thunderous applause when we left the stage.

When we returned with Michael…
Yes, we made it to the B stage. It was difficult and I thought we may not get there, but MB seemed determined to make it. Like I said before; it is nothing but fun trying to get through the crowd. Once we got there, it was really intimate and a wonderful surprise for every person who suddenly had a front row seat. Priceless!

After the show, we were a little disappointed that we didn’t get a chance to sign or sell cds. This means we didn’t get a chance to meet people like we did in Monterrey which would have been the icing on the cake. That’s when we would have had a chance to ask about our Spanish and the performance in general. Not our choice, just wasn’t possible. Hopefully something will change tonight on this last show.

You know I’ll let you know before I get on that plane back home…

It’s been 20 months of touring and this is it!

Talk to you later and I do mean later!

God Bless,

Roger, over and out!

8 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 8/21/2011

  1. We would have loved to meet you in San Jose but we didn’t make it in time :( Maybe next time! Please come back to Cali. We really enjoyed the show and your talent is undeniable! Thanks for the updates during your tour.

  2. I’m quite jealous of the ppl in Monterrey now >_< How come they got to meet you guys and have your autographed cds and we didn't =( ?? Well, I reaaaally hope you come back again soon 'cause you guys sound amazing!!! =D =D =D I ltruly loved your performance!! It's not very often that we get to enjoy such a great talent as yours so I'd like to thank you for sharing it with us =) LOL Polo's spanish was superb ;) So kudos for him =D We'll be waiting to see you all very soon down here and I wish you some nice vacations -since you've been working for quite a long time =O- =) Have a great week!!

  3. Your performance was great and your spanish too. I went on saturday (20 de agosto) night to the MB tour and it was a nice surprise to found you on stage. I´m a real fan of The sing off and for me, to see you there guys, were awesome. I really hope you can come again. We will be waiting, don´t take too long.

    But I admire you more ´casue i read you were adventist. God bless you. Regresen pronto a chilangolandia.

  4. Hi Naturally 7!
    I went to the MB concert yesterday. Your show is amazing!! It was a great surprise. I didn´t anything about you, but last night..Woooww, you made me dance, shout and smile!!!! I hope you come soon cause you have a new fan in me!!! Have a good time in Mexico!!!!!!

  5. Me and my wife had the privilege of being at MB’s concert before in San Antonio almost 5 years ago. Back then no band opened for MB. I must be honest, because I’ve only heard of the band since the launch of the DVD.
    Last Saturday I got completely hooked into Naturally 7. Your vocal tone range is so amazing! I have a work colleague and a friend who also went to the concert on Saturday and we both agree on the marvelous opening act.
    Mexico City, you all probably know by now is a huge city. Therefore meet and greed after show would probably ended in chaos. Adrenaline was running high on the feminine attendance and, girls can be pretty dare when meting their favorite artist. Otherwise it would have been a fantastic experience getting to know you in person that night.
    Please count me (and my wife) as a confirmed attendance if you guys come back to Mexico for your own presentation or co-starring other show. Congratulations!!!!

    Felicidades y Vuelvan pronto.

  6. You guys are incredible!! I’ve never heard you guys before until saturday night when you opened for MB I was blown away by your great talent and also great vibe you guys put in your performance. I am now a fan of your work. Hope you can come back to Mexico City to do a show!

  7. You are amazing guys, I was at the Auditorio Nacional last AUg 20th, it was awesome, you’re a very talented people, keep it up!! I’m a huge fan of all of you now, I really enjoyed your performance, now I’m watching your videos and lookin for your unbelievable music, that body of yours becoming in musical instruments, happy to find you!!! =)

  8. It was impresive!!! i totally loved you guys!!! already purchased your music on itunes!!!

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