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Hello everyone,

When I said I’d write another “round-trip” yesterday, I was thinking it was going to be a show day today. It was not, today was a nice off day in Mexico City. It has still been an eventful day. For those of you who see my tweets, you know I was on a plane today with the entire MB crew.


1) This was my first time on a huge passenger plane knowing almost everyone on board!

2) I fell asleep as the plane was taking off and it felt like about 10 minutes later that it landed in Mexico City. So I just assumed that I’d slept through the hour it takes. Then I came to find out that we were still in Monterrey! “What happened” I asked? The door wasn’t sealed on the plane and we had to turn around. That’s a first for me!

3) I’ve lost both of my bags at 2 airports… but I’m still smiling :-). I hope to find both by tomorrow. Pray for me.

4) We were rehearsing today in the stairwell of the hotel, (for the acoustics) and we built up a nice little audience before we got shut down! The hotel security was very nice to us for it being so late. (11pm)

5. My brother Jonathan, pointed out to me that a few people were not happy with my last round trip. I responded to one of the comments. Please see what I said, it’s Jo.Nathan’s reply.

What I’ll say here is this;

I used the following adjectives to describe the Monterrey audience yesterday; “excited”, “aggressive”, “beautiful”. These are all meant to be positive.

It seems like some people didn’t like the word “aggressive”.

I would love an “aggressive” audience over a “timid” audience any day of the week!

Aggressive means you show your excitement and how much you’re enjoying a show. It may be a struggle to walk through a crowd who is really excited, but it’s still a good thing.

Monterrey was an extraordinary show and I loved every minute of it!

I’m looking forward to Mexico City today. If it goes down the same way and we can’t make it to the B stage… That’s cool.
Just creates beautiful memories.

I’ll let you know how Mexico City goes tomorrow.

God Bless,


6 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 8/20/2011

  1. I hope your bags show up, Roger. That is the worst feeling in the world when you do not have all your personal belongings. I’m only comparing this to going on a cruise, when your suitcases show up well after you’ve gotten on the ship and to your cabin, with only your carryon bag. I’ve been lucky and have never had a piece of luggage show up when it should have. With that said, I can only imagine how lost you are without it, glad to see you’re still smiling :D

    As for your previous, Round Trip, cultural differences can be a strain, I’m glad you were able to explain yourself to them, and I hope that some of the very colorful posts will fade away. I’m sure you were very well received there, as you guys are anywhere.

    Looking forward to hearing about Mexico City, some great adventures are being had, keep enjoying them!

  2. I didn’t think ‘aggressive’ was an improper word to use. But whatever. People get offended too easily…

    Anyway, I hope you get your bags are found! And that you are able to walk through the audience. LOL Keep the updates coming, and be safe out on the road!

    ~Erin :)

  3. I prefer to go and see “Planet of the Apes” instead your show. We want MB !!!!

  4. WOW! After reading the above Roundtrip I went back to read the comments from yesterday and all I can say again is… WOW! Not only for the way people misinterpreted N’glish’s word choice but for the vitriol and racist comments some made. SOOOOO unnecessary! They obviously don’t know your character and beautiful natures or they wouldn’t have said those things. :(

    I truly hope you have a wonderful show in Mexico City and chalk up all the rest to cultural differences. You are all loved and welcome HERE absolutely ANY TIME. ANY time.

    1. I’m in complete agreement. I work for a US based company with wonderful friends abroad, and even for us, English is sometimes kinda confusing although a great experience when it comes to international culture trading.
      Please note that not all the commentary necessarily express the general feeling about Mexican audience. Internet provides the necessary anonymous posting for coward -abusive language is not necessary- unidentified comments. Let’s not talk about that.
      Usually massive events imply certain risk and that walk through the audience is certainly risky, especially now that MB has become a major event worldwide.
      Hope you all have had the most fantastic experience in Mexico, and also hope to see you back soon.
      Siempre seran bienvenidos amigos. Talented artists will always be welcome amigos.

  5. On a very different note, please tell us more about the photo above. The photographer is standing over the N7 logo on the floor — and the logo is made of black socks?!

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