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Ping Pong

Hello Everyone,

I’m writing you from somewhere between Fresno and San Jose, California. Cool show tonight and last night, but then I would say that about the whole tour! That’s nice that I can say that and believe it. It’s been a good run on this “Crazy Love” tour… it’s a little sad that it has to end in about 4 shows! I don’t think any of us have really given it much thought. It will just be the last day a week from now and that will be that and we are only left with “Memory Lane”.

It has always been fun and pretty care free on these tours. Most of you know that one of my favorite past times is playing Ping Pong. MB and I go rounds and rounds of trash talk. It’s so entertaining to me and I guess to everyone around us. The idea is to say or do something that goes beyond what anyone expects… like today :-). MB was looking really down and I said “What wrong?” He stalled for a moment giving me an opportunity to think “wow, something really bad has happened”. He then said “Roger, I’m just too good at this game… I’ve beaten everyone on the table today and I know you’ll want to play me, but you’re really no challenge for me and makes me sad to have to tell you that.” Wow, that was GREAT! Even when I begged him to come to play me… he just walked away and said “there’s no point Roger”. Funny, funny, funny… he did this all with a straight face. It is true that I have had a hard time beating him recently, but today I felt that feeling… you know the feeling that you’re unstoppable. He finally came out to play and I took him down!

I’m going to miss that Ping Pong table and all this competition with MB, the band, N7 and the crew. It’s really been a family like one I don’t expect to be part of again in as a “support band” roll. I’ll probably write more about it when it ends in a week.

We estimate we’ve sung for about 3 to 4 million people on both tours since 2007. We are still very appreciative for the opportunity. It’s kept us super busy because we’ve done our solo shows in between all this heavy touring. It’s been a blessing.

Tomorrow’s a day off and we are probably going to do a little bowling (another favorite past time of N7). We don’t fly to El Paso until 5pm tomorrow. So you know where to find us in the afternoon :-)

Right after this tour we take 2 days off and head to Washington DC for the Martin Luther King Jr National Memorial. We are absolutely honored to be part of it. Sharing the weekend with so many great artists. I’ll be sure to write and give you all the details after that weekend.

Just want to take this time to thank all of you reading this and supporting us always. I really appreciate it.

If there is anything particular about N7 that you’d like for me to write about… just let me know and we’ll see what I can do…

For now…

God Bless you all,

Roger, over and out

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17 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 8/14/2011

  1. We caught your show last night in Fresno.
    Excellent! The music and the mood were electrifying!
    Thank you for a great show! You all are very talented and
    it shows that you love what you do.

    Thank you for coming to Fresno, and I hope to see you again soon!

  2. How wonderful that you will travel to DC for events related to the MLK memorial — please say when you’ll be taking the stage!

  3. Caught your performance in Fresno, you guys are amazing!! The crowd loved you, it was lots of fun!! MB was fantastic!

  4. How about telling us something about your next album? I think I’ve read something about it on Hops twitter stream which made me curios ;-)

  5. I saw you Saturday night in San Jose and was blown away. Naturally 7 was great. I was disappointed that you ran out of cds and did not have a chance to buy one. Good luck to you and I will be watching for you to return to California as headliners!

  6. We were in the audience last night in Fresno and I was blown away with the talent you all have. Hope to be seeing you do great things and thank you for a wonderful evening.

  7. To N7,

    I am so glad I got the chance to see you at the MB concert in San Jose. I was not expecting to be totally blown away by the opening act! You guys are a m a z i n g! I didn’t know it was possible for those sounds to come from a human voice! I was lucky enough to buy your cd/dvd and meet you all after the show (love your positivity)! I was so excited to spread the word to friends and family that you guys rock! Thanks for making a great night even better. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you headlining sometime in the near future!

    Much Love,

  8. You guys are amazing! I am so glad I got to hear you perform in spokane, parents and I really enjoyed you. Keep up the great singing!

  9. saw you with Michael Buble at the Prudential Center. First time I ever heard you perform. Admazing performance, would definately see you again

  10. Dear Roger, Dear Guys,

    I keep a good memory when i see you for the 1st time in Germany with MB, then ion Belgium in Antwerp, and Paris, London eand finaly in my small town in France : QUIEVRECHAIN in june 2009 Do you remember ? I feel a lot of nostalgia after year with the crazy love tour… So I would like to have a email to write to you all.

    You said that you will be in Washington DC but when exactly, because Lydia, Lea ans me going to washington DC from 19 until 29 august.

    Naturally 7, you are so amazing wonderful ansd i keep a very good memories…

    Transmit my best wishes to all and i hope to see you again on stage or why not during a day off or a trip…

    Can you also transmit my friendly wishes to Andrew Lefkowitz

    Merci beaucoup !

    Take care


  11. I’m 15 years old, and I went to the show in Fresno. Usually I expect the opening act to not be as great, but you guys were amazing. I don’t even know how many concerts I have been to, but that had to have been the best…not one of the best…THE best. Michael Buble just got to my heart. Naturally 7, you are all very talented and should really keep it up! I enjoyed the show so much to the point where I was in tears. It gave me chills, and I loved it so much I just couln’t sit down in my seat. Thanks for puting on such a great show. Come back to Fresno soon!! I promise I’ll be at every show you guys and Michael Buble put on over here.

  12. Saw you all last night in El Paso and all I can say is WOW!!! You guys are amazing. My friends and I all agreed that we would pay just to see you all again.

  13. I saw you all in El Paso and might i say you guys were wonderful!!! I literally fell in love with you all and from now on will be following you guys :D I passed on the word to alll my friends here in El Paso to check y’all out and so far they have grown to appreciate your music and GREAT Talent! Keep up the great job and i hope you all get to come to El Paso again sometime soon in the near future!! :D Love, Jenn

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