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Hello Everyone, I feel it’s been unusually long since we talked. That’s probably because of twitter. I’ve been tweeting quite often and enjoying it. Well we’ve come to the end of another leg of the Crazy love Buble tour. N7 still has 2 more dates to do in Colorado. Denver and Aspen. I’m now waiting at the Dallas airport with the rest of the gang for a flight which is quite different for me. Why? My wife, Lynette is meeting me in Denver and it’s her first time flying without me. She doesn’t like flying at all… Trust me, I’ve driven 1000’s of mile because of it. But what’s nice is that I came to Aspen, Colorado last year with the band and the beauty was just too much for one man to take. I asked myself… “What good is it seeing beauty like this without someone to share it with”? So right there and then I made a pact with myself. If I should ever be summoned back here, Lynette will have to come. So here we are: I really can’t believe that she agreed to get on that plane (which she has boarded already)… She did it for love :-)

Ok, so that’s why I’m writing this happy note.

The other reason is to inform you that last night I had to read a note written by Michael Buble on stage (which he handed to me during our performance). I think I’ll share the whole speech with you in my next letter. It was pretty funny. I’ll write it later today after we land.

For now,

God bless and I’ll talk to you in Denver

Roger, over and out

6 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 7/19/2010

  1. Saw yall last night in Dallas. It was an incredible evening of beautiful music, and the note from Michael was just too funny! I hate to admit that I had never heard of Naturally 7 before, but now you are one of my favorites! Can’t wait to get your cd. And, I totally sympathize with your wife. I hate to fly, too. The things we do for love! Yall have a great time in God’s beautiful mountains and come back to Big D soon.

  2. Just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed your performance in New Orleans on the 14th. Just amazing! I don’t think I’ve stopped bragging about your performance to anyone who will listen……have a fantastic rest of the tour and definitely enjoy Colorado with your LADY!

  3. Love your blogs and videos!!! Why did you had to do a speech??? Wherever the reason, can’t wait to see/hear your speech. I’m sure is a funny one if Michael wrote it. Have a wonderful break and hope that your new CD is release soon in the USA!!!

  4. I saw you guys for the first time in San Antonio, TX 07.17.2010…WOW! I was totally amazed by the performance! Proved to be a wonderful evening as I was introduced to your band & saw MB (and his good looking-ness LOL) all in the same evening. Thanks! P.S. Hops….very nice!

  5. Wow! I went to Dallas to see Michael Buble and left a new fan of yours as well!! You gentlemen are truly amazing and I wish you the best! Thanks for a great evening!

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