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Hello one and all,

Hanging out at LAX airport in LA on my way back to San Francisco. How this came to be; We just did a Corporate show in Napa Valley for about 200 people. Two big differences from other Corp shows… 1) we did this one with Michael Bublé (which has to be the smallest audience he’s played for in many years). 2) Lynette (my wife) came with me. We arrived on Thursday and truly found Napa beautiful through and through. After joining some friends of ours from San Fran for Dinner, later that night I got a call from Mr. Bublé… “Rog, can we record the Christmas song “Silver Bells” in LA tomorrow?” (It’s now Friday, so he’s talking about Saturday). My answer… “Ahhhhhh, yea”… one slight problem, Hops is the Best Man at a wedding this weekend… but I’ll check and see what’s possible”… (Michael) “ouch!… this would be the last opportunity and I thought it would be a good idea seeing you’re already in Cali”.

Well a long story made short; (after much ado) We did the show on Friday night to an enthusiastic crowd outdoors. We performed for 30 min and then MB for 30 min (that’s right, only 30 min.). Just 6 songs… we joined him for 2 of them. (“All I do is dream” and “Stardust” around one microphone)… that was beautiful outside in the garden. (“Garden” is a lyric in the song).

My favorite moment actually was something MB said which went something like… “I’m so happy to do this gig with about 200 people so I can be reminded that I don’t want this to be the norm any time soon!”. Funny…

We left and went straight to rehearsing for about 2hrs. Got to bed about midnight and jumped in a van at 5am for a 90 minute drive to San Francisco airport. That got us to LA and in Capitol Studios about 11:15am. Hops needed to be done by 2pm to get to San Diego for the Wedding. Ok, this is going to be tight.



Well we got started as soon as we walked through the door. A world class team of musicians were already in place and ready to go. David Foster took a listen to the vocal arrangement and kind of charted it at for the musicians and we literally started recording with 15 min of being in there. What Michael was looking for was the sound of the 30’s/40’s which means “just sing”. No 7 microphones, no headphones, no click track, no punching, and no wasting precious time. Oh, did I mention a film crew, yes it was all video taped, so hopefully you’ll see it one day. It opens with just N7 and Bublé a cappella before the musicians started doing their thing. We sang the song 7 times (no special reason) pretty much back to back. And the room sound was quite amazing! But then what do you expect at a world class studio? It kind of intimidates you, but you can’t really think about the legends that have been here before and do your job :-). Trying to get the right balance and blend is always tricky as different parts of the song are… different. But it seem to all come together. We were done by 1:15pm. Just before leaving we played two of our new recordings “Life goes on” and “No title yet (maybe ‘Queen’)” for everyone who was there and they were both well received. Hops left us just before that and made it to San Diego for the wedding!

Now don’t you just love when a plan comes together?

Well now I’m almost back to Napa valley as I’m closing this out where Lynette is waiting for me. Me leaving for LA was never part of our plan. So she as usual as been a great supporter and sympathizer of the “Life of the Unexpected”… that’s why I love her and we stay happily married within all this craziness :-)… I’m with Garfield and Polo (the other 3 went home from Los Angeles) and it’s 7:41pm… we’ll be joining David (our Road manager) and his wife Kia who have been kindly taking good care of our significant others… Time to enjoy what’s left of the night in this beautiful place.

Leave time is 11am tomorrow.

Goodnight and talk to you real soon.

There’s always something good to talk about in the life of N7.

God Bless,

Roger, over and out!

4 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 7/09/2011

  1. Hi,

    In December 2010 he performed for a very small crowd of only 70 people in Amsterdam. It was a radiobroadcast and 10 people were invited because they won a contest and I was one of them. Front row, unforgettable.

    Looking forward to the Christmas cd!!

    We’ll meet again, I’m sure of it.

    See you,


  2. Hey Roger,

    good to here that there will be one more song with Michael Buble. I’m already looking forward to it. Do you already know how we will be able to listen to it? Will it be part of an album or something else?

    Thank you and enjoy your crazy life!


  3. All of you guys never cease to amaze me. Im always looking forward to new songs from you and from Michael. I remember seeing Michael do a benefit show in Minneapolis for R.A.I.N (Rape, Abuse and Incest network). The whole evening was informative and heartfelt. But when Michael took the stage, he was, playing to such a small crowd, he was truly in his element. (and remember Ive seen him once or twice in the big venues..hahahah)

    But more then that, I will never forget the day he played Tampa. February 22nd, 2008. That show changed my life forever, because it was at that show that I first saw Naturally 7. From shows with Buble to seeing you boys alone, Here in Tampa (for that charity event at Jaguar dealership) to Mansfield Ohio, to Metarie Louisiana (my friend sleepingin the front row through the found out she acidently took her sleeping pill with her evening medication..) to back here in Tampa just this last March.

    I adore you all and cant wait to see and hear you all again


  4. Saw you guys with Michael Buble last night in San Jose. My husband and I were speechless! What a performance; it was the fastest 40 minutes ever experienced at a concert and we were sad when your time was up. We can’t wait to hear more and will look forward to it. Naturally 7 is on our radar screen and it’s more than a “blip”…it’s a HUGE blinking bullseye!

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