Roundtrips with N’glish 7/05/2010

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Nick vs Buck

The semi finals are on!

These are the players left:

Garfield vs. Nick

David vs. Jake

Ok, while I’m writing this Garfield has just lost.
So sorry!

David is now playing Jake…

Most likely what happens is

David vs. Nick.

I’m tweeting as we speak!

Roger, over and out!


Play by play reporting style…

The Final game in Ping Pong takes place in a few minutes at 7:00pm.

It is now 6:45 and the David is eating dinner and Nick is practicing at the table.

That should probably give you a clue.

6:55 both player are being massaged.

7:10 David wins 1st game. (Deuce 5x)

7:16 David wins 2nd game. 21-13.

7:23 David wins 3rd and final 21-10.

David wins!

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