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2010 US Open Chart

What’s up everyone, I hope you are all well. Yes, you guessed it – last one up on the tour bus. Everyone seems to go to bed so early on this tour. I’m usually alone by 1am. Andrew, Warren, Garfield and Jonathan stayed up the longest I’ve seen on this tour… I was happy to discuss whatever with them. That discussion was about Catering on the tour, Michael Buble’s band, and possibly going to Asia and Africa… Amongst other minor topics.

Tonight we played Columbus, Ohio and now we are on our way to Connecticut… next door to New York, so Jamal, Dwight and Jonathan are leaving the bus when we get to White Plains, NY… That’s because we have a day off tomorrow and they want to spend it with their families. Am I jealous? Not as jealous as I’d be if I wasn’t flying home for one day on Monday (the next day off).

What’s nice about going to the Mohegan Sun for the next 4 days is being stationery. I like moving, but I love staying still :-).


I’m hoping we get to set up and finish the ping pong tournament. Where is everything?

2010 US Open

Well we started out with 4 groups of 4 each. (Group A, B, C, D) so that’s 16 of us competing. Only 2 players can emerge from each group based on a point system. I don’t have the list in front of me, but I believe it goes like this:

Group A = David* (crew), Michael (Buble)

*David has beaten Michael the most.

Group B = David Heard (crew), Garfield (N7)

Group C = Roger (N7), Barrie (crew)

Group D = Nick (band), Shawn (crew)

From here we move to the quarterfinals which is sudden death. We’ll play the best out of 3. The only thing I know is that I play Garfield next. N7 against N7, which is totally normal and an everyday of life occurrence :-)

Wish Garfield luck, he’s gonna need it :-)… We’ll try to video some of it if Buck doesn’t mind you all seeing him lose. I say all this knowing I played him about 5 times today and lost every time. He was on fire! But I’ll have my fire hose with plenty of water when it’s time for the real battle.

We’ll keep you posted….

Ok, that’s all for now, we’ll talk soon.

God bless,

Roger, over and out

12 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 7/01/2010

  1. You guys SERIOUSLY need to record ON VIDEO these Ping Pong matches/tournaments. THE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE THESE! Create a Youtube thread or something. I think more people than just I would be interested in seeing these matches. LOL

  2. Saw you guys in Columbus last night and it’s the first time I’ve heard you. It was increible! I loved it. Never heard such a versatile group and the arrangments of your music are incredible. I wanted to postpone Michael and hear more of you guys. I’ll be watching for the album. Thanks again for a great evening!

  3. I saw you guys in Columbus, Ohio last night and you were AMAZING!!!! I had never even heard of you before (other than your credit on MB’s album) and my hubby & I were BLOWN AWAY!!! We couldn’t battle the lines to get to your CD’s, but I’m already shopping for them online today! Thanks for an INCREDIBLE opening! You guys rock!

  4. Was at the Columbus show last night and had never heard of Naturally7 before yesterday afternoon. I was completely knocked out by your sound. I enjoyed the whole show, and I think the pacing of ending with a motown flavored song was perfect. I hope you continue to have great crowd response the rest of the tour. You completely won me over last night.

  5. Hey guys saw u in Columbus last night I thought u guys were amazing. Can’t wait for ur cd to come out.

  6. I saw you in Columbus and thought you were great!! In fact I liked you more than Michael!! You had great crowd interaction and I just loved your music! I use to be a big fan of Michael but with all his bad language I was sorely dissapointed in him! I loved your opening act though!!

  7. I just saw you guys play at mohegan tonight, you were AMAZING! I loved everything, got your CD, & met you guys. It was awesome, good luck with everything & I hope I can see you perform again soon!! :)

  8. The show last night was phenomenal!! I work in the arena, so I get 2 see y’all again 2nite & 2moro. :o)

  9. Well whaddya know I just saw you in Columbus! Man, I wish I could be a part of that ping pong tournament. I’m not the best but I’m pretty dang good! (in my HUMBLE opinion) ;-)

    I was just mentioning to Hops via twitter that I keep telling myself I was gonna get pictures with you guys! But it slipped my mind AGAIN while I was talking to you on Wednesday! Oh well, there’s always next time I see you guys! Which probably won’t be for a good 2 years, but I can wait! Haha!

  10. I was blown away on your performance at Mohegan Sun on the 4th of July!
    It was worth the wait in line purchansing your CD and having to opportunity to meet such gifted performers!
    You’ve got yourselves a life-long fan and will continue to purchase your music!
    I actually started to not want Buble to come on…..(but his performance was outstanding as well)
    Bets wishes to your future sucess and visit Connecticut again real soon!

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