Roundtrips with N’glish 6/29/2010

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Roger Thomas

Hello to Everyone, I write you while on a Journey from Omaha, Nebraska to Indianapolis. We had the day off today, so it’s been quite relaxed. My biggest reason for this “roundtrip” is to make sure that everyone in the US is aware that we have delayed the release of our album. It was supposed to be released today, 6/29… But we’ve decided to do something special. (Some additions). Please pass the word on to our US supporters.

All I can say for now is that the wait will be worth it!

Gotta get to sleep, we have 2 TV shows in the morning and a Ping Pong tournament.
(I’ll let you know how that goes soon)

I’ll see you all at the top!

God Bless,

Roger, over and out

9 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 6/29/2010

  1. You are such an amazing group. I was so disappointed at how late I was to the show. Can’t wait for your next trip to Omaha!

  2. Although a little disappointed as I was hoping to buy the new album today, I know it will be worth the wait. Thank you for the amazing performance in Omaha. Have already purchased tickets for your concert in January and look forward to the release of your new album.

  3. I REALLY enjoyed listening to you today in indianapolis!!!! It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  4. you guys were awesome in concert…will see you in s section one for that unreleased copy of VocalPlay…We can not wait……

  5. I was lucky enough to see you all for the first time in Omaha, all I can say is WOW!! What an awesome experience!!! We just can’t wait till January to see you again. Safe travels & God Bless.

  6. Wow! You guys were amazing last night in Indy. I was up in the nosebleed section and was still impressed. Nice website. First impression, first time I even heard about you; you all are multitalented and versatile. You can sing and vocal play- this is more than just talent. May your humility keep you grounded as your success climbs!

  7. Once again I have to say you guys are GREAT!!!!! We bought both of your CD’s at the concert in Indy on Tuesday night and you are all we listen to right now. Evan and Regan love dancing. Please come back to Indy so I came bring the kids to your concert.

  8. You guys performance tonight was truly amazing. Such talent. I plan to check out your past recordings….but can’t wait till Wordplay comes out. Keep up the good work and remain blessed. Peace.

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