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Roger Thomas

Hello everyone out there,

It’s me again… Last man still awake… Well, me and the bus driver (James). I was sitting here thinking about our day in ST. Louis today. We started the US Open, ping pong that is. We have 16 players including Mr. Buble, members of his Band and crew along with Rod, Garfield, Jonathan and I. Like the World Cup, we have 4 groups A, B, C, D and I’m in group B. 2 players with the most points (there’s a point system) from each group will advance to the quarter final. From there it’s sudden death. I’ll keep you posted how it goes. I usually lose some of my aggressive / competitive nature while in tournaments. I don’t know why, the pressure makes me play differently. I’m gonna try to make sure the right “ME” shows up each day. Michael definitely things he’s winning the whole thing… But he just hasn’t met “ME” yet! (BTW That was right off the top of my head).

On another subject, I was thinking how crazy it would be for all of you to see what we do in the dressing room. I have no doubt that this would be a successful TV show. I don’t think anyone would believe we sing or were going to sing.
I’ve got to catch it on video so you can see… In fact, that’s what I’m gonna do. Our warm up before the show consists of a few wrestling matches, Philosophy class and about 3 physical games that have no names! Then there’s dancing and stand up comedy… I could go on and on… We are crazy, but this is how we stay sane with this much time on the road with 8 other men.

Let’s see if I can capture some of this bizarre behavior for you on video… As long as you promise to still love us :-)

See ya later….

Good night, God Bless

Roger, over and out

21 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 6/25/2010

  1. My daughter and I saw you perform last night in St. Louis. You guys are so enjoyable to watch! Your part of the show is fabulous and you have made two new fans here for sure, and believe me, we will be introducing a lot of our family and friends to your music! I can’t believe you aren’t a household name yet! Thanks for helping entertain us !

  2. Absolutely fantastic concert last night guys! Couldn’t get your music out of my head and hope to buy some today! Have a great rest of your tour and good luck with the ping pong future!!

  3. I just saw you guys in concert for the first time last night. I absolutely loved the music. You all are so talanted. Thank you for coming to St. Louis.

  4. My wife and I attended the Michael Buble’ concert last night. Until last night I never heard of Naturally 7. I won’t forget them after the show they put on in St. Louis. An absolutely great performance by each member of the group. I will be waiting for their album when it hits the market. Michael Buble’ was great as expected but the surprise of the night was Naturally 7.

  5. WOW, my husband and I were at the concert in St. Louis, MO last night. We were pleasantly surprised with your outstanding “vocal play” group as we had not heard of you prior to the concert. I’ve been looking up videos of you today and I am so intrigued with your vocals, you are indeed blessed. I admire the time and effort put into your talents. Thanks for a great evening!

  6. saw you last night in st louis opening for mb….as much as mb is an amazing entertainer…if something happened and he didn’t make it to the show, i got my money’s worth listening to you and the group…you are 7 talented and amazing performers…thanks for a wonderful show…look forward to listening and watching you in the future..

  7. You guys are amazing!!!! I saw you at the show in St. Louis and you rock!!! Keep up the excellent work.

  8. My husband and I just got home from your Kansas City concert and it was fabulous! This was the 2nd time we’ve seen you guys and absolutely LOVE you! Great job tonight and keep doing what you’re doing!

    Best of luck!

  9. I had the pleasure of seeing you on Friday night in St. Louis. I don’t usually do this, but I couldn’t help but tell you all that you are simply AMAZING! I haven’t stopped talking about you. (I am actually at work today, and have pulled up your website to share.) Keep up the incredible work. You will go far! Enjoy the ride!

  10. Just experienced your show and heard you for the first time in STL before the Buble concert…AMAZING!!! My dad was there too. He’s 63 and really enjoyed your show and now he wants your CD. My son is 13 and really into music. He’s played several instruments in his school band and would totally love seeing a DVD of you guys. Come back to STL so I can bring him to one of your shows!!

  11. Saw you guys in STL on 6/25 and you were incredible!!! It is amazing what you all are able to do and to share it with others is that much more amazing! I’m so excited to have been able to meet you all after the show and hope that I get to see you guys in concert sometime again! PLEASE come back to STL!!!

  12. We were at your concert in Wichita, KS on June 23rd. Both performances… absolutely awesome! Will be waiting for yours and Michael Buble’s next arrival in Wichita! P.S. Am anxious to see this dressing room video as well! P.S.S. We’re not REALLY so nice we’re scary are we?????

  13. I saw you guys and Michael Buble for the first time a couple nights ago in St. Louis. You all were absolutely amazing and soo talented. I had so much fun watching the concert. I can’t stop listening to your CD that I bought at the concert. Haha. I loved you guys just as much as I loved Michael. Which is A LOT! =) You all need to come to Peoria, IL! Thanks soo much for an awesome and unforgettable experience!

  14. Saw you guys at KC MO last night. What can I say but “Awesome.” I was mesmerized. I told our friends that watched our kids and we scoured YouTube for videos. I will be looking for your music now.

    Thanks and God Bless.

  15. I heard you all for the first time in the blistering hot Tulsa, OK. I was awestruck at the beauty of your voices, and honestly (no offense to Michael) could have listened to you all for an entire evening. The amazing harmony, the incredible things you do with your voices, and your stage presence is truthfully breathtaking. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have heard you, and I’m most certainly looking forward to owning a CD. May God bless you all on this tour and give you exceedingly, abundantly more than you could ever hope or ask. For the record…Michael Buble is also an amazing performer with a soothing, sensual voice, and my husband and I enjoyed the entire evening…Thanks to all of you for sharing your gifts and callings :)

  16. My wife and I took my mother (73) to the Kansas City (Buble) concert. Seeing you as the opening act was one of the highlights of the evening. What a refreshing sound. You have a new fan and I will be adding your new album to my music collection when it comes out next year.

  17. Absolutely LOVED your performance at the Buble concert in KC! Can’t wait til you come back!

  18. What a great performance in Omaha last night! Your group is so very talented. God be with you the rest of the tour.

  19. Saw you last night in Omaha! I could have easily watched you the whole night; you are a fantastic group! I didn’t think you could get any better since your performance two years ago in the big O….I was so wrong! You guys ROCK! I will be anxiously awaiting your return.

  20. I saw you guys for the first time Saturday night at the concert in KC… I had second row tickets and it was AMAZING seeing you that close! It only took a few seconds of listening to you all sing for me to become a huge fan. I really enjoyed your performance and truly appreciate the talent of your group! I will definitely be buying your cd and anxiously awaiting your next performance in KC! Please come back SOON!

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