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Roundtrips with N’glish 6/24/2010

Roger Thomas

Hello Everyone, I’m back! Back on the road! We are leaving Wichita, Kansas – on the way to St. Louis right now. It was an energetic show tonight and last night. Just what we need after taking a quick break. One week to be exact. Not quite long enough, but I’m happy.

I’ve got a lot to tell you, but I’m falling asleep. (The tour bus is moving and rocking me to sleep.)

We’ll talk again soon

God bless

Roger, over and out

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  • Gina Marie Gadlin

    Wow for the first time last week my son shared your amazing talent with me. I was so excited…Can’t wait to seeyou in Denver, Colorado, The Rocky Mountains.

  • Taylor Shrader

    I was at the concert in Wichita, KS and I just wanted to tell you that you guys were AMAZING! I couldn’t stop smiling or moving through the whole concert. You all have awesome talent! I prey that won’t be the last time I see you all preform!

    Have a safe trip,

  • LeeAnn Davis

    I saw you guys Wednesday in Wichita, you were absolutely AMAZING!!!!!
    Thanks for the great show!
    Keep it up,

  • Samanta Jimenez

    You guys were so good!! i’m so glad that i made it to the Michael concert on Wednesday!! i’ll be waiting in Wichita for you guys to come back!!

  • jake

    Just saw your show at michael buble. You guys were AMAZING!

  • Anne S

    You guys are awesome. Just saw you on Y-tube singing in the Paris Metro. I was so pumped cause I’ve prayed for over a decade for guys like you to bring the Gospel to the Metros and streets of Paris. You blessed me! I’m in St. Louis for a few days and you are too. Wish I could have made it to your concert! Are you performing in Knoxville any time soon?

  • Bryan Rocky

    My wife and I were in the audience in Wichita, and all I can say is that you guys were absolutely amazing. This was the first time ever that we went to a concert and where we hoped the opening act could have just kept going. We knew Michael Buble would be a great show (this was our third time to see him live), but it was like having two head liners for the price of one. I had to buy both CD’s even before Michael started his show. Went home and listened to “what is it?” instead of going to sleep.

    Fantastic show, fantastic CD’s, and just an unbelievable concert experience. Good luck on the rest of your tour, and come back to Wichita anytime!

  • Suzanne

    My husband and I saw you in Omaha last night and were completely blown away. We’ve already purchased our tickets to see you in January when you return to Omaha. Thank you for a wonderful concert. God Bless you.