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An Empty Consol Energy Arena 6-9-11

Hello Everyone,

It’s been some time since we lasted talked. We are currently on our 2nd to last leg of the Michael Bublé “Crazy Love” tour. Pittsburgh to be exact. Today is a day off and I, unlike the rest of my gang haven’t left the bus. (Even though I have a hotel room waiting for me.) I sometimes do that if I have music or business to get done. There is something about full comfort that doesn’t breed work for me. I have to actually put myself in a position of discomfort or time crunch. It’s 7pm and I’ve definitely succeeded. As the bus was parked in the arena parking lot, I’m now taking some time to view the arena the day before the action. It’s interesting standing here in the empty arena. I’ll tell you why;

We’ve been out here for a week and time is moving kind of slow… but that’s not what I’m thinking…

This place probably holds about 10-15,000 people… but that’s not what I’m thinking…

I’m thinking back to rehearsals at my parents house when we first began…

The 1st dream back then was to have an audience to sing to in our community.

Most of us are pretty big dreamers so we could see much of this coming and welcomed it…

The big question was would it work in such a huge building? Indoors and out? Would it be accepted? Would it be the coolest?

We didn’t really have any role model or hero to follow this far… so we just kept on doing…

We been kind of by ourselves and kind of still are!

So many years later, so many dreams fulfilled…

And still so many more to be fulfilled!

That’s right, we are still dreaming and that is a blessing!

As I stand here I say;

“Thank you Lord for all you’ve done for Naturally 7 and you will still do :-)”

“We’re almost there” (sounds like a song)

Roger that!

11 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 6/09/2011

  1. Aww! What a cool story Roger. Hope things are going well for you on the road. Miss you much!
    ~Erin from Kansas

  2. What an experience and what a story to share!! You guys are all so amazing, and making so many people very happy with your music. Cannot wait to do it all over again.. until then… be safe, and God bless :)

  3. I saw the show in Pittsburgh last night and I am still in awe the next morning. You all are amazing! Keep moving and keep going! Love the cd! Thanks so much!

  4. I was blown away with your performance last night at Consol Center. I kept thinking “I hope there is a good opening act this time for the Michael concert” It was better than good. Can’t wait to get your new CD. God’s Speed in your climb to the top….and you will get there. I kept thinking how did you find everyone for your group…. Just go looking for someone who makes sounds of instruments with their voice? Who woulda Thunk???? Keep up the good work. Thanks Michael. Concert was the greatest…..

  5. Hello Naturally 7. What I’m posting below is a copy of what I posted to your FB wall. I figured, in case you don’t personally monitor that account often, but instead a publicist does, I didn’t want you to miss what I had to say. Here it goes…

    I’m still blown away by your performance last night. In fact, it was more than a performance, it was an experience! I was cheesin’ the entire time, groovin’, and shaking my head in disbelief at the amazing abilities that you all have been given and have mastered. I’m an instant fan…a fan “4 Life.”

    I guess I’ve been a hard rocker/metalhead for too long, because I realized once I got home last night and jumped on youtube, that I’ve been missing out on years of the incredible talents of Naturally 7. But you better believe, I will be making up for that. I’ve started my day off with you guys by taking in the tunes while I do housework. I’m currently on my second round of playing your CD “Ready II Fly.” Anyone who knows how much I love music, will tell you that I’m the “Loopin’ Queen.” Lol. So this CD is going to get a workout today, for sure…and for days to come.

    I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to have been showered in your greatness. It was such a pleasure to meet you all and shake your hands. Polo might remember me mentioning a purple Gibson Les Paul that I’d love to be able to jam on someday. :D

    The Creator has certainly been hard at work on Naturally 7. You gentlemen are absolutely phenomenal! Many wishes for continued success, happiness, and many more blessings for you all. ♥

    Thanks so much for a fabulous night. Next time I may not see you in Pittsburgh, but I’ll catch up with you all somewhere on the road. Seeing and hearing you live once, is not nearly enough. Be safe. Love you guys!

  6. BTW…by the time I posted my last comment, I had already played my new, Naturally 7 CD on loop 5 times and I’m not done yet. Lol. There’s so much to love. I never want to skip or hurry through a song, to get to another and that’s a rarity. Your singing voices are superb! I find myself saying, “Woo” and “Maaan, he can blow” and “Mmm mm mm,” a lot. Lol. I’m never 100% sure who’s singing, but with voices like all of yours, a listener can’t go wrong. The sounds are always going to be top-notch.

    It’s funny how when I first play one of your songs, I listen very intently at how each voice is mimicking a particular instrument and how they all intermingle with each other and crescendo and fall or transition. After a while, I get so into it that I forget that there are no traditional musical instruments in the song. It’s like the reality of the moment suddenly snaps back and I’m loving the song even more than I was the second before. I do that over and over again and I’m sure I’m not the only one. :D

  7. I saw you last night at Consol Center in Pittsburgh. You blew me away. I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed you all. You definitely should make it bigger and bigger in the business. You’ve got so much talent! You were a great opening act.

  8. I trully had a great time last night in Pittsburgh! I was so excited to be introduced to Naturally 7. You all are talented people and please keep up the good work! I wish one day to be able to watch your performance again,…in your own show.. Peace, and God bless,……

  9. Great job @ Times Union Center in Albany, NY. Hard room to play. James did a great job at FOH. Saw y’all in Newark last November. Keep rockin! You are truly blessed. Give it back to the one who gave it!

  10. I saw you for the 2nd time last night in Moline, Ill. You were even better than when I saw you the first time (also with Michael Buble) in 2008 in Des Moines, IA. I also bought and had all of you sign our new CD Voice Play. My daughter and I listened to it all the way home and it was awesome. You do such as great job of bringing music and your love of God together. I can’t wait to hear you alive again.

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