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Lucerne area

Hello all, strange few days. We are in Lucerne, Switzerland and we got here 2 days early has 2 Tour days were cancelled. I’m sure you’ve heard the story by now. I just want to congratulate Michael for how he handled the first postponement of the Paris show. Many artist do not go in front of any audience already seated and say anything if the show isn’t going to happen. In his case, he did it with style and grace… The audience felt his heart and that’s only because he has one you can feel. I was very moved while being quite shocked and overwhelmed by the whole thing. Anyway, we are spending our last night at a hotel here in Switzerland on the way to Italy where we have a show tomorrow. This gave us 3 days off… Wow, doesn’t happen to us much. We decided to do quite a bit of rehearsing working on about 3 songs from the album. We always like to change them a little for ‘live’ purposes. We even did a little Bowling tonight. This was a pastime we used to do religiously back a few years ago. Who won you ask? The writer of course! The truth is Garfield is the best, so I enjoy beating him when I can. It’s all in fun… We compete hard in everything!

See you all soon,

God bless,

Roger, over and out

6 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 5/21/2010

  1. Man, Ill be in Italy next week, don’t know why you all have to be there a week early! But seriously, Im glad everyone is OK and hope the rest of the tour goes off without a hitch.. Love ya

  2. Sounds like you guys are having a fabulous time in Europe :) Love these blogs, enjoy the rest of the tour guys and God bless u all, you are truely all very talented and humbly wonderful xxxxxxx

  3. Hope you spend good time in Europe and specially in Switzerland. You deserve it too. Agree with you Michael took the good decision to cancel Paris’s concert. I understand some people which are frustrated but Michael and the guys live as a big family and when something wrong arrive, all family will stay together to help one of them (Sorry for my englsih) . So very happy for Rob Perkins, no problem for heart !

    Can’t wait to see you soon in Antwerp !

    Your friends from QUIEVRECHAIN (June 2009)

    Patrick & Lydia

    PS : Transmlit my best wishes to Andrew

    god bless


  4. I was at Paris Bercy last week for the show and I was very much looking for it. Michael had lots of courage to come up in front of the audience and announce the show was canceled. I could feel he was very affected and worried for his good friends. Some people in the audience thought of a joke, but how can you joke with health? Congrats to the whole team on how this unfortunate event was handled and we are all happy Rob is recovering well.

    And you guys are fabulous! What a great talent to play all this instruments so realistically with your voice only. Looking forward to hear you again in Paris in 2 weeks time (hopefully).

  5. As an Aussie tourist travelling, recently in Lucerne was in a bakery along with another couple, yes Michael Buble and his girlfriend. On returning to other travellers was questioned about my celebirty “chase”, now having read this to confirm my find. Good to see them enjoying themselves and taking timeout in beautiful Lucerne and we have something in common, the love of great bakery treats!

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