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Roger Thomas

Ticket 2010 (Glasgow)

Hello All, I’m up late (7:30am) as usual. The tour bus is moving fast from Glasgow (Scotland) to Manchester (England)… Why am I still up? I don’t know if I have any good reason besides writing to you. I’m a little home sick as today is “Mother’s day” back home. Because my 2 little ones are still quite young, they can’t really hold the day down yet without dad. So I’m sad I can’t be there for the best mom in the world! Some people are just born to be the best mothers… Don’t you think so? That’s how I feel about my wife Lynette. I think you can learn and become more experienced as you go, but some things just have to be built in :-)

So as I head down the road to the city of my birth and reflect…

I say “Happy Mother’s Day” to…

Lynette, my mother, my mother-in-law

And all the Mother’s in the world!

Even if it is only celebrated in the States today… You should be celebrated EVERYDAY!

(Hey that rhymes….accidental poetry :-)

Be blessed….

Roger, over and out

2 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 5/09/2010

  1. Hey, met Garfield and Rod on Saturday night! I have been listening to your first album – love Broken Wings!
    Me and Lucy were lovin you on Saturday, The Aberdeen Girls

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