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All 7 Airbrushed Plates 5-2-11

Hello everyone,

I’m sitting in the Delta lounge in Seattle. We are between flights with a 3hr lay over.

It’s been a good trip to Australia and Japan. Attendance has been good, actually that would be an understatement. Attendance has been “Sold out” and that always makes for a great show. Four cities in Australia/8 shows and two cities in Japan/6 shows. That totals 14 shows in 14 days. This trip was a little easier because we had 2 days off to rest our voices which we really need sometimes. It was unusual coming back to Australia so soon, we were there just a month before. Thank you Australia for coming out in such big numbers…we appreciate and will be back in May 2012… (Already in the works).

As for Japan, this was the first time for Polo, James and David… they enjoyed it. We all did… and we are glad we went. We were the first American artist to play the Osaka Billboard Club since the Earthquake… well that speaks volumes… (But that’s another subject).
This was our first time being away for so long (2 years) since we first went back in 2003 or 4. I like to thank all our Japanese fans for waiting for us to return. And many of you that came to Multiple shows… if not all of them (Yumi + family).

I send a special Thank you to Tetsuya, Tama and Atsuki (who also came to every show) for the beautiful plates that were made for each member. I’ll be hanging mine on my living room wall… (If the boss let’s me :-).

Now time for some rest as I’m now finishing this note as I approach my home sweet home!

God bless,

Talk to you all soon…

Roger, over and out.

3 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 5/05/2011

  1. Thank you for coming to Japan in this situation. You made us smile! The real entertainment…that’s what we need now. I miss you guys and hope to see you next year.

  2. A stellar performance in Sydney – thank you very much and we’ll definitely see you again 2012. Was it Polo you were with here in Sydney? Or was it Jamal? God bless you all and for the wonderful gifts you’ve given – may you continue to use them to touch people’s lives!!

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