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shot taken in the middle of Can ya from the Brisbane stage 4-28-11

Greetings from down under!

How are you? Wonderful I hope. We are on a flight from Sydney to Melbourne. It’s a completely sold out tour which makes it hard to even get our friends to the show. Brisbane (2 nights) and Sydney have been standing room only. Melbourne will be the same, but different…

“Different”… that’s what I want to talk about in today’s note. When it comes to multiple performances, (same day) there isn’t much we haven’t done. But today will be something new… two-two hour shows!

We’ve most certainly done several shows in one day… sometimes as many as four. But those would usually be max 30 minutes… or even two 60 minute sets. Because we are a “nonstrumental” band (:-)… we always have to be careful about over singing in one day or over the course of many days without proper rest. Recently, we did about 15 days back to back with no days off which took it’s toll on our voices as we hopped from one country to another. This type of scheduling usually isn’t by original design.

The same is true about Melbourne. We were scheduled to do one show tonight, but it sold out so fast we had to think of doing a second show, but we were already scheduled to fly to Japan the following day and those dates couldn’t be moved. So our promoter and management got creative and decided to do a full afternoon show plus the evening show. Now for any of you who’ve seen an N7 show… you know that we “work it out”… it’s full blast! No holding back… sweat everywhere… I’m usually about two pounds lighter :-). The question for me will be… if I go all out on the first show will I have enough in the tank to do the same or more for the second show? Don’t know…

The bi-product of this double concert is this super early flight we are on now. We’ll need to get to the venue to sound check quite early along with “Idea of North” who are supporting us in each city.

My personal concern isn’t actually the singing, but the lack of rest that many times leads to vocal fatigue.

I probably should be sleeping now, but hey… I wanted to talk to you :-)

Alright, I’ll let you know how it goes via twitter and in my next “trip”.

To tell you the truth… I can’t wait to get started!

Roger, over and out…

God bless

11 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 4/30/2011

  1. Great show, glad we got the first one ‘cos you guys are going to be pooped! On a sad note can’t believe you didn’t squish MacArthur Park in the S&G medley. Break a leg. X

  2. Well all I can say is the Brisbane Concert (2nd night) (which was originally the first night), was AWESOME. You lost 2 lbs but I reckon with all the stomping and gyrating I did I lost about 1/2 stone. Of course it came back on really fast, buggar. But thank you all so very much for a wonderful concert. Thoroughly enjoyed it. By the way, I was the one on Thursday night who, when you asked how we were, I asked you back how you were. Keep smiling and singing. You bring a lot of love and happiness to all. See you next year in May when you return. Love Margaret

  3. You guys are so amazing, never seem you live before & oh did it make my week:) had a sick time.. And what a purve lol, very hot indeed xoxo god bless

  4. 30 -04 -11 – Awesome Show in melb Guys..
    Had never heard u be4 till today, Seriously amazing, Not only are you guys a bannd but you are all Entertainers , And i can only imagen u will make it far in the music business, Listening to your albums is not the same as seeing you live, Will have to come see you guys again in 2012, Can’t wait to see what new stuff you guys have jazzed up by then ;) .. Till next time boys!

  5. Took my sound engineer husband to your concert for our 28th wedding anniversary …..he normally does not like to go to concerts….well we both had a great time this afternoon….loved it all

    Had never seen you before, went on recommendation….so thankyou!!

  6. Melbourne 2nd show – was in the first row. Can’t believe u guys did a previous show on the same day, you brought so much enthusiasm and everyone got so involved! Can’t wait for next May… or maybe I should book some emergency flights to Japan! ;)

  7. Melbourne-30-04-2011 – Afternoon Show
    thank you guys so much for coming down to the land down under, I’m a massive fan. What I love about you guys is that not only do you guys put on a good show but send out a positive message to the world encouraging everybody care about those who are in need and also to simply say “I Love you” simply because you can’t say those word’s enough. May God bless you all and enjoy Japan it is a beautiful country and I know they need your love right now because they are going through a rough time right now so you guys need to raise their hopes up ! :-) all the best.

    I Love You Guys !!

  8. Thank you for an amazing nite of human instruments and extraordinary vocals!!! That’s us in the first row in Brissie and I can tell you we will not only be there till the end of the nite with signed albums, but it’s already a date for your next concert in 2012!!! Can’t wait for your return.

    P.S. Hops, you rocked the Playhouse!!! You are THE best bass I’ve ever heard!!!!!!!

  9. Well what can I say??? You guys blew me away 2 years ago @ your 1st Sydney tour and you were even more mind blowing @ Melbourne!!!! (I traveled from Sydney to Melbourne to see you……..WELL WORTH IT!!!!)
    Thankyou for being an inspiration, not only through your unbelievable musical talent but through your uplifting, and motivating thoughts and words.

    Rod: you bring a smile to my face!
    Dwight: Voice of an angel!
    Roger: Inspiring!
    Warren: Im dumbfound……….Absolutely amazing!
    Garfield: Adorable! The BEST smile! :D
    Polo: Fasinating!
    HOPS: mmm, you make me skip a heartbeat!!!! “Very lucky lady, that wife of yours!!” ;)

    God Bless you!!!!!!! xoxoxox

    “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination,and life to everything.”

  10. Love the Melbourne afternoon show. The venue is perfect. No too BIG and not too small. The whole setting is intermate enough to hear you guys singing without the mics. Shalom!

  11. Blown away! Simply blown away! I attended the matinee show in Melbourne and I could hardly believe my ears nor contain my excitement. Your collective talent, energy, professionalism, compositions, choreography not only made for great entertainment, but is a testament to your God given gifts. I hope the world is ready for you!!! Loved the tribute to Herbie Hancock, loved the re-arrangements, loved it all! Looking forward to next year! Nilusha :)

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