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Wall of Sound

Have you ever been looking for a certain type of person that does a specific job and you get referred to a whole string of people? As you go further down the line you find yourself with less and less hope that you’ll be connected with the right person. Well, that how I was introduced to Robby Heisner.

Robby seemed to understand what I was rambling about on the phone when I describing a video that would showcase what “Vocal Play” was all about.

That video went on to be “Wall of Sound”… one of our top 3 most viewed videos on Youtube.

Robby’s video production company “Van Gogh Inc” took on the job back in 2008. I remember talking for several hours on the phone and in person and thinking to myself, “this guy really gets it”… which is always a relief. I could tell because he had more and more good ideas. (The white room, the door in middle of nowhere, etc). Believe it or not, most of the video was conceived before Robby ever heard the song because we hadn’t recorded it yet. It was pretty much only in my head at the time and I explained what it might sound like.

Well, the rest is history… Robby has won a Tele Award for his fine editing work with the video and we’ve since been on several national and international television shows based on the strength of video. Look out for more video ventures in the future from Van Gogh with Naturally 7.

Roger, over and out

God bless.

Here’s is a nice article written about Robby and his partner Michelle Raven from Smyrna, Georgia.

Video: The making of Wall of Sound
Video: Wall of Sound

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