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Tour Diary

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. We have now ended our first US leg of the Michael Buble tour. 20 shows! Starting in Orlando and ending in LA. The three stand out shows (cities) for me would Atlanta, Salt Lake City and St. Paul. Why? St. Paul, MN had the most energy… Just felt good… the more energy we get from the audience the more we kick out! Salt Lake City, Utah was the first time we ever performed in that State (not too many States left that we haven’t been to). I was told by a friend of mine (Kurt Walker) from the State that they have a great love for acappella period. Well, I could feel it from the moment we hit the stage. This audience needed no convincing, they got the whole “Vocal Play” thing and ran with it, so we ran with them… It was an amazing show. And last “Atlanta”, well that’s home for 4 of us, so it’s on the list for 2 reasons… Our families were out and totally enjoying themselves and we received 3 Standing Ovations that night. I night to remember for sure.

Our last night on the road was at the Conga Room / The Foxxhole with Jamie Foxx who joined us on the stage for “Ready or Not”… I didn’t realize he was there until much later… Doing all the steps and jumps… Pretty funny too!

We did quite a few things by ourselves on this tour between the Buble dates as we are getting ready for a US release in June. (See previous “Roundtrips”)

All in all the tour was pretty smooth. I didn’t get to beat Michael again at ping pong, but that leaves a nice goal for next time.

So until the next voyage, I’ll get some rest, you all spread the word… and let’s make history together!

Roger, over and out…

God Bless.

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3 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 4/15/2010

  1. I was at the Salt Lake City show and you guys were fabulous, well you are always fabulous but there was an energy in that room that I haven’t seen before. I think you all received a few standing ovations that evening. I just have to say…..the new song, Ready or Not and getting the crowd to dance was probably the best part of that show. It was so much fun. You guys are destined for greatness and I can’t wait to see you all again soon.

    God Bless you all.

  2. OMG! I went to the March 28 show in St. Paul, MN with 4 of my friends. In the Sunday newspaper the article mentioned you guys as Michael Buble’s opening act. As a music lover I’ve always enjoyed a capella music. I’d never heard of you until then, but I was as excited to hear you as I was Michael. OMG!! We all were mesmerized by what we were hearing–we were moving to the beat of the music and we all had our mouths opened in amazement by the sounds your voices were making!!! I have been to several concerts in my lifetime but I can honestly say that concert was the best one by far! I didn’t want that night to end. We bought some of your CDs after the concert but weren’t able to meet you in person cuz there were so many people waiting in line, and we had to get up early the next morning for school and work. Since then I have told everyone at work about you, downloaded your youtube video on the subway in Paris and listened to your CDs. I recently got VOCAL PLAY which I have been listening to non-stop this weekend. Now I’m hoping I can get your Christmas album with Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Are you planning on recording any more Christmas songs or a spiritual album?

    I love you guys!! Thank you so much for sharing your God given talents with the world!
    Peace, love and family, Mary Mullane

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