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What’s up everybody? I hope your doing your thing out there. Because we are doing our thing out here :-) I’m last man up as usual and we are on the Bus driving from Philly to Pittsburgh. It’s really late and I can hear the guys snoring in Harmony… It’s still peaceful though :-) I better get to bed while the bus is moving, that’s the best part to me. It’s like being rocked to sleep.

I’m amazed about something that happened on the stage tonight… I can’t get it out of my head. It’s a good thing, but I can’t tell you… That would kill the surprise when you come to the show.

Sorry :-(

I hope you’re coming to a show real soon…

Have a good morning, noon or night.

God Bless,

Roger, over and out

15 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 3/17/10

  1. Hey Roger… Good to know that!!! I wanna know if you guys have plans to come to Brazil. There a lot of people who knows N7 out here…

    Have a nice trip…

    DiGroove – Artpella Group

  2. Saw you in Philly last night, was just amazed at the raw talent on stage. Definitely going to be buying your album, hope your trip to Pittsburgh and the rest of your travels is a safe one and the rest of the tour is as energetic as I witnessed.



  3. Saw you in Philadelphia last night, too :-) We were just more than amazed! I am musician and music psychologist interested in public performance and emotional states present during performing music. I was impressed how merged you were while singing… And I saw your joy and passion – that’s what thrills me most when I’m listening to great musicians…THANKS A LOT!
    Tomorrow I’m going to buy your album :-)
    And hope you are doing well – the tour must be very tiring…
    God bless you!


    P.S. Best regards to Michael :-)

  4. loved, loved, loved you guys! great show in Pittsburgh! please tell rest of group how much EVERYONE around us were movin and groovin to your songs. Thank you!

  5. I was at the show last night in Pittsburgh at the Pete and you guys are AMAZING. I ca’t wait to buy your new CD because you are just incredible! So entertaining and I hope you see a show again!

    Thank you for a great night!!

  6. Hey – good to see (or hear :-)) the Lord utilizing your talent. God Bless you and yours & continue to praise Him in all! Great show in Philly! I was impressed..

  7. hey (:
    i saw you in pittsburgh last night, and i fell in love with you guys. you seven are clearly all very passionate about what you do and it shows. its people like you that inspire me to keep singing and doing what i love. i will deff buy your cd. and tell everyone i can about you guys and to check you out. i hope to see you live again soon. stay humble. and god bless!
    love always,

  8. I saw you guys during the Olympics at the Bell Ice Cube… and WOW !!!! I was blown away… you guys were absolutely amazing. I am so glad I heard about you guys and made sure I saw you.. I will be buying your album this weekend !!!!

  9. saw you guys in Philly, absolutely amazing! everything! the whole night! unforgettable. the BEST birthday present for me to see so much talent in one night. your sound and music brings goosebumps to me, no joke.
    LOVEDD YOUR PERFORMANCE and did a great job getting us pumped for mike! :)


  10. You guys ROCKED THE HOUSE in Philly! What passion and amazing talent from you all! We had so much fun watching you guys and dancing to the beats! Can’t wait til June to get your new CD! I am a HUGE Buble fan and I can’t wait to hear him with you guys….that will be the BEST of both worlds! Keep up the energy…on this road trip!
    Peace Out
    p.s. give michael a smooch for me please…he’s so freakin cute i can’t stand it! I’m a cougar…oh yea!

  11. I saw you in Worster, Ma this past Friday..I actually never heard of your group before that night..I was impressed and enjoyed your performance very are all very gifted performers…I will tell you though, what touched me the most was at the end when u all were thanking everyone for coming, but you the way you all thanked the Lord touched my heart….God bless u all abundantly for giving HIM the glory…
    Blessings & Joy

  12. I just seen your group with Michael Buble’ in Cleveland tonight. I love your group you were amazing. Keep going strong!!!

  13. I was completely blown away by your performance in Cleveland yesterday! What amazing performers! I was in awe of how you do what you do – wish we had closer seats! Keep doing what you are doing. Can’t wait to see you perform again someday. Take care!

  14. WOW….saw the show At the Palace of Auburn Hills (Detroit)
    I have to say, I have been a fan for about a year..ever since I first heard Wall of Sound.
    As amazing as the cd is, and how it is performed, it is at least twice as amazing to see it forgets that there are no instruments. Wish I could have gotten down to see you guys, was looking for some t-shirts to buy or something…you guys are amazing, what a gift God has given you…

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