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As usual I’m the last one up on the Bus on our way to Philly. Today we did a meet and greet with BET International based in Washington DC. We did a show called “It’s my thing” and I’m not sure when it is airing. Right now the international division is in the UK and 32 countries in Africa. We did one of our regular jingles we do for these type of shows, but then we decided to add a swing groove at the end for a few bars which we made up on the spot. I think it worked pretty well.

I’ll tell you about Philly tomorrow..

Goodnight, I mean good morning :-)

God bless,

Roger, over and out

4 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 3/15/10

  1. saw you guys at tonight in philly opening for Michael Buble…..all i can say is I’M IN LOVE! You all are very blessed w/ great talent. Beautiful music i can’t wait until the new cd comes out in June…i bought the cd at the concert and listened to you guys the whole ride home :) great job tonight, god bless you Jessie

  2. Also saw you tonight in Phila. opening for Michael Buble…Awesome! I am almost 65 yrs. old, so am way out of your basic age fan, but my friend and I were blown away by the talent of your group. Much success and blessings for you all. Thanks for a great opening act!!!

  3. Awwww yeah. Great show in Philly- your sound brought back our “roots”. Have fun touring!—Sara

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