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Sydney from over the wing

Hello One, Hello All,

I’m writing this while traveling from Los Angeles to Atlanta. I must admit that this particular day of traveling has beat me up a bit. I usually think nothing of long trips on planes or on the ground. As long as I’m working I’m fine… but not so today. We’ve been traveling for 2 days to get back to the east coast. Our last show was in Perth on Sunday night and we needed to get back to Sydney which we did on Monday, but wasn’t able to get there fast enough to fly to the US that day. So our flights were for Tuesday morning to LA which is 13hrs + 3hr lay over and now 4hrs to Atlanta. Total time 20hrs today not counting yesterday. I’m feeling the toll mostly because I’m fighting a cold I caught in the last week in Oz. I can’t wait to get home, but I know I won’t be worth anything to my family today. I’ve slept about 3hrs total which seems to be in line with most of the other N-seveners. There is just no way to be somewhere for a month with a 16hr difference and think you’re gonna go home and be cool by tomorrow! Not gonna happen!

So what’s my plan? No plan. Just going to do and be what I can. We have 9 days off which will feel like 5 or 6 days no doubt, but that’s the way it goes.

Actually, I take that back… what I said about the others getting 3hrs too. Rod, Buck, Polo and Warren are all close by fast asleep and have been for this whole ride from LA. Hopefully that helps them for tonight.

Roger & KangarooHow was the trip? Very good actually and that’s why we’ll back with smiles in a month to do some N7 solo shows. The good news is that they had to add more shows and they are nearly all sold out. Special thanks to Mr. Bublé for putting us in front of so many wonderful people and advertising the shows from his stage. We are performing in 1000 and 2000 seaters. We weren’t able to spend another day in Melbourne so we had to add another show in the daytime and do two shows that day. I’m sure that will be interesting. We sold enough cds to be in the top 10 on the charts and iTunes. So like I said… it was a good trip.

N7 & KangaroosI almost forgot, I saw my first kangaroo and Koala bear which is significant because I’ve been to Australia 3 times and always missed them. I’ve got some nice photos and video footage for my kids to see. So looking forward to seeing those big smiles.

Speaking of smiling, I was smiling as I boarded because I was just informed that Stevie Wonder was listening to our music for several hours last night and loved it and want us to be on his next recording. How about that???

Ok, now your smiling…

So let’s end there and I’ll talk to you again after some chill time :-)

God Bless,

Roger, over and out.

10 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 3/08/2011

  1. Hey there Roger,

    I met you and the crew on Saturday night in perth (05/03/11), you signed my friend’s pink ball dress. I’d just like to say that you guys are amazing! I’d also like to thank you for being a part of the best night out i’d had in a long time. I have to admit, I hadn’t heard about you guys before the concert, but I wish I did! I haven’t stopped listening to you since!. I hope you enjoyed your tour down south and I hope you got to see at least a few land marks that we have to offer here.

    I was disappointed to learn that N7 is not coming to Perth in April for the solo tour! I would have loved to have seen you guys perform for a whole show.

    Anyway, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable 9 days at home before the next tour.

    God bless and much love x

  2. You guys are truly blessed (as I have said a million times before).. Cant wait to see you all in 11 days.. (HUGSSSSSS)


  3. Swooning to your amazing performance last sat night in Perth. Loved it so much got the cd and have not listened to anything else since. It is good to go home I know but everyone that was there at the concert will miss you.
    Have a great rest at home
    Your new fan

  4. Holy Moley!!
    Rest rest rest!
    and Stevie Wonder?!!! HECK YEAH!! that is fabulous! That would be an brilliant pairing, can’t wait for that!

    Making the trip to the East coast to see you guys again. Since you’re not coming to the Midwest this time around. We’ll see you at the end of March! Cannot wait :)

    Take it easy.

  5. PS — Not only is Stevie Wonder very talented, but very smart to love Naturally Seven and their music!

  6. Hi guys, it’s Jin from Perth.
    Today I am listening, Be Still, My Soul, to comfort my soul and praying God
    to look after all the people in Japen.
    Take care.

  7. Hey Roger and N-seveners guys,

    Thanks so much to give us some news after a wonderful trip in australia. Hope you will take some good rest with family during your 9 days off. I keep good memories our last meet up in Europe november 2010 and i can’t wait to see you again next april in France (Ulis near Paris April 8) We will be there with Lydia and Léa.

    Spend good time at home !

    See you soon

    Patrick, lydia and Léa

  8. Sorry missed you guys in N.Y. Has anyone considered coming to North Carolina? How about Charlotte?
    That’s where Polo’s mom lives!

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