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Naturally 7 & The Boxettes

Alright, right back at you from our flight to the “Land down under”. I want to talk about Jan 30 and 31 in Germany. We played Denzlingen and Stuttgart. They were both full houses and good shows, but what made the difference for me was our support act “The Boxettes”. I expected to enjoy them as I had done my homework on youtube when they were first brought to my attention by Tobias (from The Swingle Singers). I think the first thing I was thinking before hitting “play” on the video (Free) was; A cappella and an all female group can be quite boring for the most part because they is never any lower range voices to fill the spectrum. So I hit “play”… and you know what? You should hit “play” too. (The video is called “Free” and you can download a copy of the song on their website) I watched it about 3 or 4 times, not just because they did showcase “lows”, but because I really liked the song. I think it’s quite catchy. This is particularly good because it seems to be hardest thing to find well written songs in a cappella music. So much emphasis can be placed on the arranging of others material that talented musicians lose or never gain the art of writing a good song! I think if you speak to every member of Naturally 7 they will at least have in their top 3 things concerning performing; the need for a good song. We are very hard on ourselves when it comes to that subject. Anyway, back to The Boxettes; I wondered if their performance of this same song would work out of the studio. I heard some pretty low notes that I doubted would happen so cleanly. Well, it did happen! And it was a treat to hear it both nights. I’m totally intrigued by the “Lip buzz” technique which was done by “Bell” (the Vocal Percussionist) and at least one or two others in the band. I also enjoyed the stage energy. Well done Ladies… Bravo!
I look forward to catching up with you on your home turf in England. So I’ll end here by saying check’em out!

Written from 30,000 feet over who knows where??

Be safe and stay blessed,

Roger, over and out

3 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 2/09/2011 (The Boxettes)

  1. :) you are right Roger about the lip buzzz… it is pretty intriguing and fascinating. Unfortunately I only watched it once because my computer is not working properly and would love to hear it with really good speakers. I believe that the song has a lot of details that is worth listening to. I am curious to know what else they have in store. As an all girl crew I wonder what they could come up with especially the percussionist. Like you said lower range voices are important to give some depth to any songs. As an ex-sound technician I sure love the bass :) It is not so much about their style of music that interest me but more about the different components, different sounds that they are making and creating. Hopefully they’ll get the attention that they deserve so they can deliver more songs like that.

    Thanks for the link.

    Sending you a bit of snow from Montreal hahah ;)

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