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Roger Thomas

Hello Everyone,

it’s been too long I know; I’m here packing my bags for Australia at 4am in the morning. I’ve only been back from our last tour 32hrs. I call this type of trip home a pit stop… a refueling. It’s just too short to be anything else!

Looking back at this last tour which was 15 shows in 17 days; now that I think about it, that’s a record for us for Full 2hrs shows and we did it with our new member (Polo), our new engineer James Caran and a new Road Manager (David Glenn)… wow! That’s again a record for us in “newness”!

We covered the US for 8 dates, Germany for 6 and Switzerland for 1 date. It was a pleasure to see most of the shows completely sold out and so many returning well known faces that we affectionately call “Frans”!

I celebrated my Birthday on this trip and I can honestly say that I’ve never had so many people acknowledge my birthday…EVER!

I thank you all, I brought many of your gifts home and opened them yesterday.

I’ll write a separate mail about the card I received which is one best ever!

I know that’s a lot of “best ever” talk, but I don’t use those words lightly.

I’d like to end this note on the subject of “Family”. Of course I am enjoying my every minute with my family at home, that’s a treat. But I also have a family on the road and I want to say that adding Polo, James and David has only made the family stronger! All 3 have had an incredible amounts of work to get done and have done it and done it well. Welcome to the family!

Ok, back to packing for Down Under!

May God Bless you all


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  1. Hi Roger, I met you over a year ago when you had come to Seattle for the Ranch Event. Someone posted a link on facebook of one of the group’s YouTube videos. That made me wonder when you guys were going to be back in this area, it looks like Vancouver is the closest I’m going to get. Anyway, hope you and Warren are doing well. Take Care.

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