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What is it?


Hello everyone, how have you been since we last talked? I hope you’ve been blessed. I’m on my way home on a 10 hour flight back to Atlanta. The date is October 18th and I’m trying to remember when we left home… ok, I remember now, it was September 17th to do a Corporate engagement in Scotland. We stayed there about 6 days rehearsing and writing new material before flying to Dublin for the two biggest shows we have done with Michael Buble for 95,000 people. Our first show was done with only 6 of us (Jamal was absent) but both shows came off without hitches for the huge stadium. After that we journeyed to England and during that time played Wembley three nights! Between the Crazy Love tour dates we also managed to do two of our own shows and promo. From there we crossed over the channel to Belgium and Germany ending in Stuttgart.

So what was the main story for this trip? The highlight? The main event? Was it the huge stadium show in Dublin? Three Wembley shows! The release of the movie “Animals United” in Germany and several other countries coming up? (N7 has 5 songs on the soundtrack and as of today the movie is #2 in Germany behind “Eat, Pray, Love”).

Indeed all these are highlights and I could name more as we are in exciting times with N7. But no… None of these can top the news. I think if I had to choose and I am choosing :-)… I would start like this;


5 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 10/18/2010 (Transition part 1)

  1. Hey Naturally seven!

    I saw you guys when you played with with michael buble on the second of october and it was AMAZING i have never been to a concert when i genuinly did not want the warm up act to go, usually you sit there wanting them to stop and to get on with the person you came to see but you were phenominal! You guys completley captured the audience and even managaged to warm them up!! Haha i am surprised anyone would let you be the warm act as you would majoyrally show them up and llook bad :)

    So i got your CD there and you signed it for me and it has been playing non stop on my ipod and i am telling litterally everyone about you and they dont believe me when i tell them all the sound is you! it really is something you have to see to believe!

    I would justlike to thank you for making that concert amazing!! You guys are truley talented and i can tell you are about to go a lot further!!

    God bless!!

  2. Hi saw you in May with the lovely Michael , then again on 1st October in Basingstoke England you were fantastic, words can not describe what you all can do, the show in Basingstoke was awsome, meet you afterwarrds and you all kindly posed for photos, I have been a fan of you since I saw the vid on you tube on the metro, have all you cd’s really looking forward to seeing you agin soon

  3. Hey guys,

    Yes Naturally 7 give us exciting times. Since I follow you all in Europe, something has changed ! I met a lot of friends all over the world and appreciate a wonderful music. And you know what a beatiful thing to meet people who love that they do ! Music together as friends ! Thanks so much for the meet and grett in Antwerp with my daughter Léa who keep a very good memory !


    Patrick, Lydia and léa (Quievrechain, France)

  4. Hey guys, saw your own show in Birmingham at the Town Hall – truly, truly amazing….. you guys are soooo talented…. i felt truly priveledged to have seen your show in the flesh..

    I had both your CD’s prior to the show, and loved the music, but to see you all LIVE and witness that show……WOW!! You even managed to impress my son, and he’s not easily impressed……

    Thnx for taking time out to meet and greet your fans, and signing my album….now a really treasured item, and is constantly playing in my car right now…..

    Keep doing what your doing….hope you guys continue…I know you will miss Jamal…. Go Guys….., would love to see you again in England real soon….


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