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n7_roundtrip_father_and_sonsI’ll be the first one to say that I’m blessed to have my brother in the band and on the road with me. On several occasions on both Bublé tours I’ve had two brothers with me (Warren and Jonathan). I don’t take it for granted for one second; it makes long tours a lot easier.

I’ve always been close to my siblings and I’m sure they would all say the same thing. It’s just the way our family works. My parents, Rachael (only sister) and Graham (youngest brother) are all very supportive of Naturally 7. They truly love to see the group perform and listen to our music all the time. This is also the case with our extended families and the families of the three of us that are married… (Our kids are the biggest fans… we can do no wrong! :-)

This passion is led by our parents who gave us much of our love for music in the first place…

That’s why it has been an honor and a full treat to have my Dad on the road with us for the first two weeks of this seven week expedition. He had the opportunity to visit nine out of the 13 countries we would see on the tour in the space of 14 days!

He really enjoyed himself and was always quite vocal with many of our fans or “soon to be fans” (many times thanks to him :-). Each night while on tour with Michael Bublé he gave us a full report from his perspective. Always lots of details on how he watched certain people transform during our part of the show and on some occasion warned them that they should brace themselves!

Yep, my Dad is a true N7 fan and it was absolutely surreal to have him on the road with us. Warren and I appreciated the rest of the band allowing him to travel with us on our tour bus and from time to time share his wealth of knowledge… just like he did when we were kids.

Now how many adults get to bring their Dads to work for a few days? And how many would want a parent to come? I know, I know… not many and that’s why it was so special. I enjoyed every minute of it! Planes, trains, boats and buses. I’m sure I can speak for Warren too and we only regret that Jonathan (my younger brother who has toured with us extensively) wasn’t able to go this trip.

Here’s to Fathers and Sons on tour!

Thanks Dad, this RoundTrips is dedicated to you. Thanks for creating yet another great memory for me to file under “priceless”.

A great man once said: “One of the most important jobs of a father is to create special and lasting memories for his children.”

HP Thomas

Yes, my dad said it many years ago :-)

I’m surely blessed… I pray that you are too

Roger, Over and out

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