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Roger Thomas

What’s up all! I’m writing you somewhere between Cincinnati and Detroit… yes as usual… I’m the last one up on the Tour Bus. Tonight was very nice in Cincinnati. I think because we toured there last time, we had a lot of people who had our music and decided to sing along “I built this wall….all around me” :-). That was the second high light of my day. The first was beating Mr. Bublé on the Ping Pong table for the first time on this tour. Last tour we pretty much went back and forth… He’d beat me, then I’d beat him… But we both talked more trash than any of the other players. (And we have a lot of players). It’s all entertainment… Believe me! But so far on this tour, I really haven’t been able to find that flow… so I’ve been looking pretty sad at the table… just waiting for… whatever it is that makes me good. Guess what? I found it today… not sure if I’ll have it tomorrow, (I’ll let you know) but it was good enough for me to take Michael down twice in a row! Yea, yea, yea… “I got the world on a string!!”

Next stop Detroit!

God bless

Roger, over and out

20 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 3/25/10

  1. I was in Cincinnati last night and YOU GUYS WERE AMAZING. First time to experience your music and I can’t wait to add you to my iPod. I was touched by your faith that shined through your music. May God continue to bless you guys!

    1. I was there too and heard you guys for the first time. I was just absolutely amazed and wowed! Awesome job. Will be grabbing that CD when it comes out!

    2. You guys are amazing. So talented and charismatic on stage. Keep up the great music. I’ll spread the word.

  2. WOW I just listened to some of your songs for the first time and you guys are amazing! I am going to see you at the Allstate Arena in Chicago on Saturday. First I am going to down load your music to my ipod so that I can spread the word!!!

  3. im soooooo excited for tonight!! i’ll see all of u guys in motown baby!! lol u’ll be very suprised how many fans u have in michigan. :_

  4. Wow, so, I went to the Buble Concert last night and walked in when you guys were performing at first I wasn’t sure what I was hearing but then when I got to the floor I realizes you WERE the instruments, it was incredible!!!! It took me back to when I was in acapella choir and it’s the kind of group I’ve always wanted to be in. You guys were amazing, like literally my jaw was on the floor during some parts. Incredible! Keep it up, Buble was definitely right for having you guys.

  5. Hey Roger! We were at the Cincinnati concert last night and, as usual, you guys were SUPERB!! Love the new “Motown vibe” you added! We love seeing you whenever we can and look forward to the next time! (We met you last night after the show…I’m the one who told you that we have a theatre room in our house, and whenever people come over, we make them watch your DVD first…everyone is always blown away by your talents…and it’s always great to expose new people to your music!) Aside from that, we love your humbleness about your God-given talents, and that you give Him the glory He deserves…plus, you make yourselves available to your fans…that’s very rare and very cool! Can’t wait to get your new CD in June!

  6. Roger,
    For our anniversary, I took my wife to see Michael Buble last nite in Cincy. I was blown away by this opening act that we’ve never heard of (I’m 58, that explains it!). The energy from the crowd was a wonderful thing to watch. Along with Buble’s performance, this was hands down the best time I’ve ever had at a concert! Can’t wait to take our entire family to your next return visit.

  7. Hi! Sounds like you guys are have lots of fun! Really can’t wait for you guys to come to England and see all you guys again. Enjoy the tour and see you soon :) Pinny XXXXXXX

  8. Hi. Wow!!! Saw you for the first time in Cinci last night with Michael Buble and it was amazing!! I have told everyone today about the concert and how great your group is. My daughter gave me tickets for Christmas and she and I had a blast. The energy was amazing and really was not prepared for such a great opening act. Did not have the “opening act” feel but rather like the “top dog”. Thanks for a great performance. T

  9. Roger,

    I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that I was exposed to your music last night in Cincinnati. Michael was right when he said you all should not be an opening act. You were amazing!!! God has blessed you all with the most wonderful gift, and you are creating such interesting and new music with your talents. Can’t wait to hear more from you. Your newest fan-Ashlee

  10. My husband was one of the sad men who were dragged to last nights “Bubbly” show in Cinci, and while he kicked back and got ready for a long nap, he got the surprise of his life. He hasn’t stopped with the CD and the DVD since. You guys were incredible, but more in how wonderful and polite you were when we met you. You are now on my facebook page and being sent to all my friends! It just goes to show that God will chase you down and find you, even when you are just trying to enjoy some “Bubbly” music. “Say you love me” was the highlight of the night for me–even over “Mrs. Jones!” God bless you all! My five kids are setting aside the Toby Mac for some new tunes! Thanks!

  11. I saw you for the first time in Cinci, at the Michael Buble concert. You guys are incredible. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE COME BACK OUR WAY SOON! I want everyone I know to experience Naturally 7! I hope you guys make it back out here! God bless!

  12. WOW…let me just start by saying awesome show guys. I’m the building engineer at the US Bank Arena here in Cincinnati and had the privilege of watching you perform. As a kid in the 70’s and 80’s I was exposed to pop and r/b artists such as, Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, and I idled Michael Jackson. Through the 90′ it was Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog. And now at the age of 33 I felt like the music genre had died. I thought maybe it was just me getting old, at least that is what my wife tells me…lol. You guys have given me hope for the music industry. What you do is one of a kind and the raw talent that you posses is unmistakable. Thank you for giving me something fresh to listen to. Don’t ever stop and keep reaching for the top. Can’t wait for your album to come in June. Good luck and God bless to all of you.

  13. I’ve left a couple you guys rocked Detroit last night – you are truly amazing . . . If it sounded quiet to you when you first came on stage it’s because everyone was in awe –

    Can’t wait till you come back –

    Be safe on the road and god bless!

  14. Detroit – absolutely amazing show gents – I will spread the word for you and bring your music to as many people because it needs to be heard.

  15. Saw you guys tonight in Portland, GREAT SHOW! Enjoyed it alot. Tons of talent folks…..get a chance to see these guys, it will be worth it.

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