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Hello Everybody, I hope everyone is well. First of all I’d like to say that I love the ticket # for today, I’m into numbers so I like when I see a nice pattern. This week will have 11/11/11 on Friday and that’s… well… once in a lifetime :-).

Ok, enough of that… I’ve just landed in New York and taken the classic cab to my hotel. Believe it or not, it’s my first time in a New York City hotel in my life! What’s that I hear you say? Aren’t you from New York? Yep, but that’s precisely why I’ve never been in a hotel. Even after leaving I’ve always had family here… still do.  Just not Mom and Dad, as they’ve recently moved to Atlanta which is beautiful because I get to see them much more. This time I’m here to do a taping for the Michael Bublé Christmas special which will air on NBC in about a month or so. In town for three days and will get to see my siblings and family (two brothers and a sister). So I’ll take in the NY hotel vibe and enjoy it :-).

I had a few days off since returning from Mexico so I feel quite rested. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say about this trip, but let me back up into the last.

Lynette (my wife) came with me on the Capital Jazz Cruise which was great. “Great” because I don’t get to hang with my Bride nearly enough. I’ve been able to say “Bride” for 16 years and we’ve been together since 11th grade! We were celebrating our anniversary the week before (and I wasn’t home), so this was a nice little get away and a good test to see if we both like being on the water. The actual cruise was only three days/two nights for us, but we really enjoyed it. The planners asked N7 to stay for the week, but we couldn’t because we already had a gig in Mexico. If only we could have done both :-).

N7 sang the very first evening. Two identical shows for the night. The house was packed. I think it held 400 and we had 650 in there! The 2nd day we did a very intimate Q & A session that I really enjoyed. Really good questions… I love good questions. David Thomas (of Take 6) and his wife, Marla were the hosts for both days and did a really nice job facilitating the event. We would have loved to stay on the ship to see their segment on marriage (they have an internet show) which was much later in the week. Lots of music would be an understatement! This cruise was for real music lovers! Live concerts all night until 4am and then right back at you the next day! I know we’ll be back… and if we are… come join us next time.

We left the ship in Cozumel, Mexico and took the smallest plane Lynette has ever been on to Cancun and then on to Mexico City. The following day (timed perfectly) we performed “Wall of Sound” on the biggest TV award show in Mexico. It is probably worth saying that it was the biggest room we have played on television as well (about 10,000 in the audience). We plan to be back in Mexico probably twice over the next four months… that will give us a chance to brush up on the Spanish we all took in High School… more on that later.

Lynette and I decided to return a little later than the band and that was a good choice:-). On our way flight back to Atlanta a passenger asked me why we were in Mexico and that led to a three hour conversation on the plane on the “purpose of life”. We were both blessed by the conversation and it made our trip home feel like 45 min. All in all… nice trip.

Well, I think I just took you all the way “round” :-)

Let talk sooner next time…

God Bless,

Roger, over and out

3 thoughts on “Roundtrips with N’glish 11/02/2011

  1. I was very tempted to sign up for that cruise, had I not already done a cruise earlier in the year which took most of my funds. Maybe next time! Cruising is fabulous, love to vacation that way! See you in Indianapolis on 11/11/11 and at SoJam :D

  2. Thank so much Roger to give us some nnews about Nat 7. Hope all guys are well and i wish you all a very good holiday season !

    Take care and see you soon in Europe !

  3. Great to hear that you got to spend some of that “quality time”.

    I understand and know how precious that is, especially during those long hard hours wanting to be by her side. Stay strong and never take it for granted, Naturally 7 is my 5am commute to midnight return into the arms I recover. God bless N7 and much respect from Honolulu, HI!


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