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One thought on “OnDaGrine TV, Vancouver: N7 Interview

  1. Was fortunate enough to go to see Michael Buble in Vanvouver Aug.21st

    Have not heard of Naturaly 7 before. I tell you when they came out and started their music i was blown away on how tight and clear they sounded. To have 7 men sing songs with the only instrument, their vocals & the presence they gave on stage mezmorised me. They were FANTASTIC.
    I recomend to everyone to go see them & see what i mean.
    I have been trying to get their CD, but Future Shop nor Best Buy have any copies.
    Im hoping to find it somewhere soon.

    Best non instrumental group i have ever heard.Enjoyed the concert greatly.
    Hope everyone else enjouys Naturaly 7 as i did.

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