Night of the Proms 2012

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Night of the Proms 2012

(photo credit: Luc De Wandel)
There is a new photo album ‘Night of the Proms 2012’ in our Gallery. A huge thank you to photographers, Luc De Wandel and Steve Müller, for allowing us to share their photos here.

3 thoughts on “Night of the Proms 2012

  1. every year if i hear you i get new power! cant wait to see you in Liederhalle in stuttgart 2013 …have a great christmas time and ill send you a big smile :-) you great each of you individual and so unbelievable

  2. Naturally 7 is like magic, light, music and soul as a nice sandwich. I love your medley. Yes!

  3. The first time life. What an experience. A really great show that you have presented there. I look forward to more. Merry Christmas from your new German fan.

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