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Hello everybody, I hope you are all doing well. We are nearing the end of our UK/France tour. It has been as usual… a good time with good people. Right now we are on the tour bus leaving Quivrechain (a very small town in France) on our way to Chambery (still France). That’s about 11hrs bus drive. So I was writing some music and then I thought of YOU. Yesterday was truly amazing as far as energy goes. We played the New Morning Club which was filled to capacity. Our good friend and label mate Ivo opened for us and set the mood for the evening. The stage was really HOT, but that didn’t stop us from an all out jam! The highlights for me were “Speed of Sound” (because they danced right through it) and “Let It Rain” (I forgot it was a single in France) and of course “Feel It”. Today was a much shorter set (70min), but it was fun and intimate. A whole dance crew of kids came on the stage for the reprise of “Ready or Not”. So there was a whole lot of jumping going on! I’d like to say to all our French fans, thanks for making those 2 nights special. I am sure it will be 3 by tomorrow. And thanks for all of your support taking our music up the charts. Look out for our new music coming your way soon!

We said goodbye to the UK 2 days ago. We did 8 shows I think… including a Wedding for Manchester United’s Wes Brown in a Castle. We met a few more players from the team too. Very nice wedding! It is always a pleasure to play England. Again, I want to thank all of our old friends who have seen us since the Michael Buble tour (some of you more than 3x now) and to our new friends… thanks for spending a night with N7! We look forward to coming back in November! We’ve got 8 shows booked then already… keep a look out.

What’s next? Back home on Sunday for 24hrs. (Just Warren, Buck, Rod and I in Atlanta to work) And then we go to Colorado. We really don’t get home for a break until a week later.

Alright thats it for now… I’ll see you all at the top.
Grace and Blessings,

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