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8 thoughts on “Naturally 7 on 3AW (Video)

  1. Hi Guys
    Loving it…………. totally awesome…………. when you back in England???? love you all xxxx ;o)) xxx

  2. Hi Guys! Loved you last year at the Capital Jazz Fest in Columbia, MD. Hope to be sailing with you guys on the SuperCruise2011… Naturally 7 is pure musical Heaven!!

  3. Being an Philly ol’ head who learned how 2 harmonize at the playground (actually taught by a group of winos), i totally appreciate, applaud, and respect ur sound. Before u there was Persuasion and Take Six. Now, I’m sure they’re more than happy 2 have u carry the torch. Stay strong spiritually and keep up the wonderful harmonies.

    Greg T-Bone Trader

  4. I am in awe as how well these gentleman are. I am constantly looking them up and am very interested in purchasing there CD’S. Very impressed!!!!

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