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Here’s the standard version of our Official Music Video covering the Coldplay classic, “Fix You”. We’re all huge fans of Coldplay and have always said that, one day, we would like to choose a Coldplay song to cover and here’s what we came up with. We hope you enjoy listening to and watching the music video for “Fix You” as much as we enjoy singing it. Feel free to share this video with your friends, family and loved ones!

5 thoughts on “Naturally 7 – Fix You (Official Music Video)

  1. We saw you perform this in Hull at the Freedom Festival . Thank you all for bringing the talent!AMAZING!!

  2. I saw your perform of this music yesterday, in São Paulo September 21th. You are amazing. Thank you for all!

  3. Guys, you are great! I really enjoyed seeing your show with Michael Bubble in Montreal last summer. I think your interpretation of Fix you is even better than the original (sorry Coldplay). Man, I don’t cry easily but that video brought some tears to my eyes.
    Long live vocal play! Long live Naturally 7!

  4. Have always loved N7’s music! You all know that! You are talents to be reckoned with! “FIX YOU” is IT!!!!! Beyond fabulous! Miss you and love you all!!!! Need you back in NYC for my N7 FIX ME!!! xoxo

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