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11 thoughts on “N7 @ The BET Honors 2011 (Video)

  1. Another INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE by the most unique vocal group on the planet…NATURALLY! You guys never cease to amaze with your incredible talent! It is truly special to hear and feel the awesome sound and vocals you guys produce. I had to rewind it over and over and still can’t get enough of your harmonious sound that simply makes the soul feel GOOOOOOD! ANOTHER SUPERB JOB GUYS…can’t wait to see what you guys do next!!!!!

  2. Omg i really enjoy each of your talents. You all truly do have amazing gifts.god knew excatly what he was doing when he brought the 7 of you together. I enjoy listening to you. May god bless you and may your talent take you very far.

  3. I enjoyed the show and telling everyone I know about you!!! I am a fan for life. I am looking to buy your new CD or what is out there. May GOD continue blessing you!!!!!

  4. Damn !! Im SO PROUD Of You Boys !!! Great Job !! I Love It..and hey did I see Ne-yo there…mmmmmmmmmmm lol….. :)

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEIR PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! though I would like to know the title of the first Herbie Hancock song they performed -> when they came out playing a ‘flutes’

  6. OMG… What a wonderful sound from this group… hope that they 2 can be a surprize @ the next Grammy’s… Keep up your talents and I hope we will continue 2 see you out there… I no I 4 one will be speaking of you to ALL…GOD BLESS… LOVE YOU A Fan{now&4ever}

  7. Absolutely wonderful…hadn’t heard of them until I saw the BET Honors. I am an instant fan and will let everyone know about them and will be adding to my MP3. What a wonderful example of GOD’s purpose.

  8. My daughter and I discovered Naturally 7 on youtube accidentially. We first saw them honoring on youtube honoring Quincy Jones and were awestruck by their talent. May God continue to bless these handsome and talent men.

  9. I just can’t say enough how FUNKY these guys are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve seen them numerous times and EACH time they keep me wanting more!!! LOVE ‘EM!!!!

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